Beyond the Video: Plies - "Medicine" ft. Keri Hilson

  • Опубликовано: 20 января 2010
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    Get a behind the scenes look at what went down on set of Plies' new video for "Medicine" ft. Keri Hilson, off the new album GOON AFFILIATED!

    Plies' new album GOON AFFILIATED is in stores and online NOW! The album includes the new bangas "She Got It Made", "Look Like" ft. Young Jeezy & Fabolous, "Kitty Kitty" ft. Trey songz, plus the smash hit "Becky"! Get it now:
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  • l hg
    l hg  8 месяцев назад

    Watching 2019

    • Salone Onwuachi
      Salone Onwuachi  12 месяцев назад

      Heyyyyy babbbi yuus suppperrs sexxityyy i just gott a shot of 💘 medicine some of that's plies them sweeeets lips allways does me so good juicy and 💋 kissable thanks babbbi im all cure up handsome suppperrs sexxityyy jammms 🔥 firrrrirer hottes so lovingggit lovingggyuus babbbi enjoy yr day sexxityyy hmmm 💋 💋 kisss ya plies 💘

      • Illuminati genius
        Illuminati genius  1 лет назад

        Good scenes💯

        • فواز ميوزك - Fawaz Music
          فواز ميوزك - Fawaz Music  2 лет назад

          So, Where is The Official Video? i Want it Dirty Version :)

          • Macken Sius
            Macken Sius  2 лет назад

            👑👍🎧🎤💪💪 plies 4 ever... who watching like me in 2018

            • AKIESE
              AKIESE  8 лет назад

              Bangin videos on my channel A.K.I.E.S.E. GOOGLE ME Facebook Akieseinc is my user name

              • eddie johnson
                eddie johnson  9 лет назад

                hey if you not gone show keri hilson hey then don.t fucking show this shit then.

                • T Scott
                  T Scott  9 лет назад

                  yea plies!!! LMAO>>>FINER THAN A MUTHA FUCKA!

                  • EastSideLetzRide315
                    EastSideLetzRide315  10 лет назад

                    lol this gotta be the corniest dude in the game. I'd be embarassed to put out half the shit he drops.

                    • Emma Rose
                      Emma Rose  10 лет назад

                      this vid makes me happy and the song is ssooo good!! love them both!!!!

                      • Munzara Amore
                        Munzara Amore  10 лет назад

                        he got thst right at the end about keri

                        • Mr. Mic Sabio
                          Mr. Mic Sabio "Ritche Ritch"  10 лет назад

                          Keri Hilson, your my Baby..Yeah!

                          • tyrell71454
                            tyrell71454  10 лет назад

                            Its funny to see "thug" dudes tryna talk proper..LOL! I am by no means attempting to stereotype or anything, so please no crazy comments, its just funny to listen.

                            • Mike Hustle
                              Mike Hustle  10 лет назад

                              Please check out my music and let me know what yall think..... im jus trying to make it.... i would appreciate it if yall Subscribe if you like

                              • baekhyun DO
                                baekhyun DO  10 лет назад

                                im a guy that doesn't date girls but i think that Keri Hilson is beautiful

                                • Yacco Mac
                                  Yacco Mac  10 лет назад

                                  go to youtube and rate yacco mac..

                                  • Journal Wright
                                    Journal Wright  10 лет назад

                                    I feel you, I'm a fan too but I have ?s too. And unlike most artist and people, I'm able to seperate business from personal. It's a business to sell an image but when is it taking it too far? And I know gangsters that're brilliant. You don't have to be a h.s. dropout to be a g. And there are rappers and kingpin that didn't go to college, graduate h.s., or let alone knew how to read or write made millions.

                                    • mzabie94
                                      mzabie94  10 лет назад

                                      omg i likke this song. keri sounds really nice on it.

                                      • Victor Vega
                                        Victor Vega  10 лет назад

                                        wow who ever says first is gay haha jk

                                        • Journal Wright
                                          Journal Wright  10 лет назад

                                          This dude is so articulate yet raps so ignorant.

                                          • OG Jawdinz
                                            OG Jawdinz  10 лет назад

                                            this nigga short

                                            • CarolinaBoi
                                              CarolinaBoi  10 лет назад