COMMITTED, Ep. 1: Duke-bound Cameron Reddish Is Next

  • Опубликовано: 04 декабря 2017
  • A top-5 recruit headed to Duke in 2018, Cameron Reddish joins some elite company as the latest blue chip prospect to declare he's taking his talents to the aptly named Cameron Indoor Stadium.

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  • Anna G
    Anna G  1 месяцев назад


    • Vishaal Venugopal
      Vishaal Venugopal  5 месяцев назад

      they can hate on u cam, the real ones know u the coldest one in the draft....

      • PJE Turner
        PJE Turner  5 месяцев назад

        that boy is 6'10 easily

      • unibrow stache2
        unibrow stache2  6 месяцев назад

        I saw every single of his hs games

        • daprincebun
          daprincebun  6 месяцев назад

          Welcome to The Knicks Killa Cam!!! Cam Reddish to the new york knicks with the 4th pick

          • Evan Farley
            Evan Farley  5 месяцев назад

            daprincebun that can easily change and it already has

        • Marques Jackson
          Marques Jackson  8 месяцев назад

          Norristown all day

          • Jamil Powell
            Jamil Powell  10 месяцев назад


            • SIDE MAN
              SIDE MAN  1 лет назад

              he look like sean taylor

              • Vlad Imir
                Vlad Imir  1 лет назад

                Only 3 minutes wow

                • Mark
                  Mark  1 лет назад


                  • Samuel Penna
                    Samuel Penna  1 лет назад

                    It’s crazy that I played in a 🏀 tournament at his school and almost met him

                    • Snap Snap
                      Snap Snap  2 лет назад

                      Travelled at 1:08

                      • Teat Johnson
                        Teat Johnson  1 лет назад

                        Snap Snap that ain't no fucking travel 😂

                    • IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers
                      IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers  2 лет назад

                      He should be ashamed of himself. Going to a school and white people rich while u get nothing. Nd to make it better the people hate their guts😅😅 but cheer for them. Extremely strange

                      • Balenciaga Boy
                        Balenciaga Boy  8 месяцев назад

                        U SUCKS

                      • Keith Hancock
                        Keith Hancock  8 месяцев назад

                        IonlyROBwhite People&Dealers .

                      • Renz Jay
                        Renz Jay  1 лет назад

                        ashamed? he's going to a school with a great basketball program lol

                      • Air Bacon
                        Air Bacon  1 лет назад

                        IonlyROBwhite People&Dealers whatever gets him to the nba and make bank in the nba

                    • Ty Lito
                      Ty Lito  2 лет назад


                      • Krunchy
                        Krunchy  2 лет назад

                        Welcome to Duke University.

                        • Don A
                          Don A  2 лет назад

                          Go DUUUUKE!!

                          • Jimmy Norton
                            Jimmy Norton  2 лет назад

                            Looks just like Texas A&M’s Robert Williams

                            • julian burnett
                              julian burnett  2 лет назад

                              Kentucky didn't miss anything

                              • NLMB Zoldyck
                                NLMB Zoldyck  1 лет назад

                                walking dub

                              • Ty Lito
                                Ty Lito  2 лет назад

                                julian burnett cause tyler herro is your savior? Barrett, zion, reddish

                              • MR. 24-7
                                MR. 24-7  2 лет назад


                              • cameron morris
                                cameron morris  2 лет назад

                                Hahaha mad as fuck. He better then anyone going to Kentucky next year by far

                              • Muhammad Arojojoye
                                Muhammad Arojojoye  2 лет назад


                            • Tyquan Williams
                              Tyquan Williams  2 лет назад


                              • Jay's luggage
                                Jay's luggage  2 лет назад

                                Duke taking the best black players again when Alabama (black coach),Mizzou(black coach),Conn(black coach),Texas(black coach)....shit is really frustrating,I mean most of you guys are only gonna stay a year anyway. Why not bring some excitement to a college that hired a black coach to get some wins?🤕...mind you, these are all good coaches..

                                • Keith Hancock
                                  Keith Hancock  8 месяцев назад

                                  Jay's luggage .

                                • Renz Jay
                                  Renz Jay  1 лет назад

                                  Jay's luggage if those coaches are good then how come none of them got the usa coaching job?

                                • Gavin Thompson
                                  Gavin Thompson  1 лет назад

                                  Gee idk cuz it’s fucking Coach K

                                • Bugsy Productions
                                  Bugsy Productions  2 лет назад

                                  James Flames that was just retarded lmfao

                                • Jay's luggage
                                  Jay's luggage  2 лет назад

                                  Don A its trash because top recruits are not even thinking about being there...

                              • True Journey
                                True Journey  2 лет назад

                                He look like party next door if he played basketball