Hairdresser Reacts To Silk Press On 4C Hair

  • Опубликовано: 04 ноября 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! I love watching hair go from extremely curly to extremely straight. It's soooo satisfying!






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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo   1 месяцев назад

    woah, therapy. am i right??

    • Elizabeth SwAn
      Elizabeth SwAn  16 часов назад

      You are so funny Omg, why are you like this 😂😂

    • ASMR
      ASMR  2 дней назад


    • rho690
      rho690  3 дней назад

      You straight up like most of the world view natural tight hair as “that” 11:25 Not to mention your body language 🤦🏽‍♀️ you can’t hide it you are cringing and so uncomfortable Her hair and every other 4c texture is not as your entire self describes it. Just stop please it’s so forced and phony

    • rho690
      rho690  3 дней назад

      Jaicyn Wilson thank you!!!! It’s like he don’t even realize he throwing shade

    • Shiv Unplugged
      Shiv Unplugged  4 дней назад

      This was fun. Glad you popped up😊

  • Infinite Sketches7
    Infinite Sketches7  3 часов назад

    14:36- 14:37 had me 😂😂😂😂 when he said Ooo!

    • cubanchica_5
      cubanchica_5  6 часов назад

      The video that made me FALL. IN. LOVE!!!! with this channel

      • Dollieface Nation
        Dollieface Nation  8 часов назад

        Brad you definitely know your hair! NATURAL GIRLS INCLUDED and I love that so much about you and You’ve taught me so much 😍. Also you’re so silly and your personality is EVERYTHING 😭😂😂

        • sonia sayal
          sonia sayal  8 часов назад

 subscribe channel

          • omgitstoots
            omgitstoots  10 часов назад

            The 4C girls love you too

            • Jazz Jenkins
              Jazz Jenkins  11 часов назад

              Ughh Brando. Just something about your videos calms me but also excites me.

              • Eyvet Francis
                Eyvet Francis  15 часов назад

                Love your positive reviews Brad - you're so funny - thanks.

                • Elizabeth SwAn
                  Elizabeth SwAn  16 часов назад

                  Listen!!! I'm literally screaming at how educated he is on black girl hair. The only white man i will watch talking about black girl hair

                  • Miss Prosperity
                    Miss Prosperity  16 часов назад

                    You get an E for effort. But your not accurate on a few of your points. First off the first girl didnt have 4C hair. the second girl does though. The last one is a easy 3C. The first one was definitely more a 4B with maybe a lil 4C if any. High heat is TERRIBLE for natural hair. Heat Damage is "SERIOUS" and You need to blow-dry on "Medium" NEVER "High".

                    • CaliTenn Girl
                      CaliTenn Girl  19 часов назад

                      Ok I Thought I Was The Only One Who Lovs Seeing The Smoke Rising Of The Iron 😉

                      • hairstyles by Eden
                        hairstyles by Eden  21 часов назад

                        I love you. Thank you so much for sharing.

                        • Jasmine Wilson
                          Jasmine Wilson  21 часов назад

                          This video tickled me😂😂 now I wanna go get a silk press

                          • Catrina George
                            Catrina George  21 часов назад

                            With the amount of knowledge he has on black hair I almost cried. Like the love he shows to our type of hair, the compliments, the everything about it is just a confidence booster.

                            • lonelantis
                              lonelantis  23 часов назад

                              i thought it was obvious that he would know about this as a hairdresser. a lot of the hairdressers i’ve gone to/spoken with have a good knowledge of black hair, so i’d assume they’d learn in cosmetology school. idk, i’m not going to school to be a hairdresser so lemme know if this isn’t common knowledge in this field, especially for white people

                              • nia chavez
                                nia chavez  23 часов назад

                                Oil is not a moisturizer

                                • BombshellZaneTV
                                  BombshellZaneTV  23 часов назад

                                  I’m in love with you Brad 😂🥰

                                  • Naomi Gill
                                    Naomi Gill  1 дней назад

                                    thank you for the lack of use of the word ‘nappy’

                                    • Tatotalks
                                      Tatotalks  1 дней назад

                                      You should do a video of you doing African american textured hair

                                      • Difference Kayumba
                                        Difference Kayumba  1 дней назад

                                        😭😭😭 he was living the first one

                                        • Georgeina Samuels
                                          Georgeina Samuels  1 дней назад

                                          Okayy YouTube!! I'M WATCHING IT DAMNNN!! and also imma subscribe jus cuz he's a mirror to my personality and he loves hair like me heh😌

                                          • Persephone Hunley-Williams
                                            Persephone Hunley-Williams  1 дней назад

                                            Can come by

                                            • CarrieToo
                                              CarrieToo  1 дней назад

                                              Thank you, sweetie. I was in a funk this morning. You made me smile 😊😊

                                              • Creative - Play
                                                Creative - Play  2 дней назад

                                                And here I am with natural flat hair, wishing to have such beautifull and curly and soft and big.... sorry just love this kind of hair <3 x3

                                                • MilknHoney Honey
                                                  MilknHoney Honey  2 дней назад

                                                  Brad, your encouraging loving love at the beginning of your videos genuinely makes me so happy and I adore you. Thank you ❤️💕

                                                  • ghostie7790
                                                    ghostie7790  2 дней назад

                                                    Yesss Brad I LOVE how inclusive you are! Out here knowing about 4C!! He even knew about wrapping hair at night and protective styles?? Damn bro! We see you!! 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️💇🏾‍♀️

                                                    • su maameri
                                                      su maameri  2 дней назад

                                                      This video should be retitled as
                                                      Brad Mondo getting an orgasm over hair straightening for 15 mins and it brings me lifee!!

                                                      • Nissih Onigbinde
                                                        Nissih Onigbinde  2 дней назад

                                                        Omg I love him so adorable 🥰🥰🥰 he reaction is everything 🥰

                                                        • Makeup Queens
                                                          Makeup Queens  2 дней назад

                                                          Why can’t someone just react to a persons hair transformation without being called racist?

                                                          • Stranded73
                                                            Stranded73  2 дней назад

                                                            💖 that 👕

                                                            • Michelle Smith
                                                              Michelle Smith  2 дней назад

                                                              BLACK HAIR MAGIC!!!!!🤗🤗🤗

                                                              • Alea Commodity
                                                                Alea Commodity  2 дней назад

                                                                Yassss natural girls! I loveeeee this video

                                                                • Artsy Fudge
                                                                  Artsy Fudge  2 дней назад

                                                                  Brad: hi beautiful!
                                                                  Me behind the screen: :)))

                                                                  • Jordyn Davies
                                                                    Jordyn Davies  2 дней назад

                                                                    Whether you like what your watching or not, your reactions are always funny or relatable and never overdramatic. Just informational :) its great

                                                                    • Jade Kendra
                                                                      Jade Kendra  3 дней назад

                                                                      The comments I'm seeing with my late ass got me rolling my eyes. He's a hairdresser so why can't he get excited over this bruh even i get excited when doing my hair and no one can tell me nothing.

                                                                      • Emma Shetler
                                                                        Emma Shetler  3 дней назад

                                                                        The ads dude. FML

                                                                        • becca
                                                                          becca  3 дней назад

                                                                          A true hair stylist is educated in ALL hair types

                                                                          • ejnvids
                                                                            ejnvids  3 дней назад

                                                                            I'm having a problem with this white man's preference for STRAIGHT hair over kinky, highly textured hair. This is the problem that black women face all over the world. And for him to make this video is incredibly insensitive and insulting. Better video? Let's watch him flat iron on his OWN hair! What was that? Yeah, I thought so. Big THUMBS DOWN! This is R-A-C-I-S-T!

                                                                            • rho690
                                                                              rho690  3 дней назад

                                                                              So bogus, so pretentious...please sir I beg don’t EVER give advice on our hair again... you are making 0 sense from looking at videos and talking....e.g thin sections and fumes... bruh you will eventually have burnt thin broken hair....only need to straighten your hair twice a year because it will last if you use protective styles.....cut your mic 🎤 off now... so no one sees this man but me, something is wrong if you cannot see...he stated she looks like a different human being. I’m done

                                                                              • rho690
                                                                                rho690  3 дней назад

                                                                                “ I can’t believe she started with that” as he points... the beauty of the natural state of her hair is frowned by him like it’s bad or something. Most people are so trained to see our tight textures in its natural state as detestable, or ugly and straight as the goal. I blind man can see him cringing looking at the natural state of hair.. and when it is straightened he is good....I can’t like how come we are so blind to these things. We put on everyone else’s straight hair on our heads because of this. Somebody please wake the flop up please

                                                                                • Jolene Mathews
                                                                                  Jolene Mathews  2 дней назад

                                                                                  He would probably say the same thing about a head with pin-straight hair that turned into a beautiful wave too 💁🏽‍♀️

                                                                              • rho690
                                                                                rho690  3 дней назад

                                                                                A round brush will destroy our hair, lol

                                                                                • OmgItsVal _
                                                                                  OmgItsVal _  3 дней назад

                                                                                  i love this and him. i need him to be my new hairdresser. where can i make an appointment?

                                                                                  • MissStinaMarie
                                                                                    MissStinaMarie  3 дней назад

                                                                                    I STAN you right now!! How the heck did you learn about our hair like this!!! You have a new sub!

                                                                                    • queen
                                                                                      queen  3 дней назад

                                                                                      Am I the only white person who realizes that many hairdressers that do not having this type of hair don't know anything about it

                                                                                      • Annette Williams
                                                                                        Annette Williams  3 дней назад

                                                                                        What you talking bout boy,no matter what the texture is it can be straightened out black hair is not hard as you look!

                                                                                        • Mamona Zakari
                                                                                          Mamona Zakari  3 дней назад

                                                                                          Watched this vid whilst straighten my wig😭😭

                                                                                          • Shon w
                                                                                            Shon w  3 дней назад

                                                                                            Bye boo!

                                                                                            • Daphne Red
                                                                                              Daphne Red  3 дней назад

                                                                                              Did you come straight to the comments