Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

  • Опубликовано: 09 июля 2019
  • We relived our first bonding experience of all time...


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  • Salem Boyd
    Salem Boyd  5 минут назад

    Grayson: We forgot to ask what they were in the womb

    Ethan:...... babys a naked idiot


    • Aliana G
      Aliana G  12 минут назад

      Grayson: can baby’s get food babies 😂

      • Brittney Hanakowski
        Brittney Hanakowski  19 минут назад

        This was so funny ahah all the things they said

        Ethan hits mum

        Grayson don’t hit mum

        Ethan hits mum again

        Grayson stop hitting mum

        • Would you like some Suga in that Tae?
          Would you like some Suga in that Tae?  23 минут назад


          • Aaliyah
            Aaliyah  37 минут назад

            Gray had floppy hair at the end😭❤️

            • PaigeDoesntCare
              PaigeDoesntCare  44 минут назад

              But what about Noland?

              • Dayna•Panic's! At A Why Don't We Concert
                Dayna•Panic's! At A Why Don't We Concert  47 минут назад

                24:43 Did no one catch that?

                • Vadim Svirida
                  Vadim Svirida  1 часов назад

                  Am I the only boy watchin this

                  • Kee Snapp'd All things Family
                    Kee Snapp'd All things Family  1 часов назад

                    Doctor face says are you kidding me.

                    Doctor: clout and free advertising sure am with the B's

                    • Cynical Sniper
                      Cynical Sniper  2 часов назад

                      I feel like Grayson used to pick on Ethan now the tables turned

                      • Beckaboo3397
                        Beckaboo3397  2 часов назад

                        Grrayson: im so glad to be out of the placenta 😂 oh dear.
                        Also boys no number 2’s in there or mum and you guys would have been in big trouble .
                        It’s so funny how little you guys know about pregnancy 🤰 especially being twins I thought you both would have asked your mum so many questions. lol

                        • pretty flower
                          pretty flower  2 часов назад

                          they said: ❌

                          • kingrenoreid
                            kingrenoreid  3 часов назад

                            Do twins have the same size dick

                            • Øwen Gacha
                              Øwen Gacha  4 часов назад

                              Is just me or is Ethan slightly smaller than Grayson

                              • Claire Mcconnell
                                Claire Mcconnell  4 часов назад

                                12:32 made me wheez 😂😅🤣

                                • Marta Oficialll
                                  Marta Oficialll  4 часов назад

                                  ethan hits the goop

                                  grayson: stop smacking mum

                                  • Dj4Real
                                    Dj4Real  4 часов назад

                                    𝓓𝓻𝔂 𝓪𝓼 𝓻𝓪𝓶𝓮𝓷...𓆉

                                    • jey 26
                                      jey 26  4 часов назад

                                      9:02 the orudrabbHHgefwgthf: *just kill me now*

                                      Also the sgrjo u gsvdvsvsge: *did these kids go to 5th grade*

                                      • It be like that
                                        It be like that  5 часов назад

                                        My birthday is December 16th too!!

                                        • Stupid Shanelle
                                          Stupid Shanelle  5 часов назад

                                          22:42 what the heck Grayson...

                                          • Dana Naomi
                                            Dana Naomi  6 часов назад

                                            I laughed so hard😂😂

                                            • Ava Catlin
                                              Ava Catlin  6 часов назад

                                              grayson; i definitely stole all ur food in there
                                              ethan: no ur not that much thicker than me
                                              grayson: i think u where my little b**ch in there😂i’m dying rn

                                              • The•Gacha•Alien
                                                The•Gacha•Alien  6 часов назад

                                                IT HURTS IM NOT EVEN KIDDING- *Have you ever thought about polishing your skin?*

                                                • amira muse
                                                  amira muse  6 часов назад

                                                  Dr Ott looks like the type to rob someone by staring them down

                                                  • A Person
                                                    A Person  6 часов назад

                                                    This is why I don't plan on giving birth.

                                                    • TheDreamingXplr
                                                      TheDreamingXplr  6 часов назад

                                                      "And looks at them inside of women's tummy"😂

                                                      • Lucy baldin
                                                        Lucy baldin  6 часов назад

                                                        Can i ask how they got air breaks it’s not like the baby can pop their head out of the vagina and breath than go into the different trimester

                                                        • Kaitlin Messerschmidt
                                                          Kaitlin Messerschmidt  7 часов назад

                                                          stop smacking mum

                                                          • Kaitlin Messerschmidt
                                                            Kaitlin Messerschmidt  7 часов назад

                                                            this doctor is like.. shit what did I get myself into

                                                            • Hailee Cantu
                                                              Hailee Cantu  7 часов назад

                                                              omg the floppy hair is backkk

                                                              • Angelina and Desiree
                                                                Angelina and Desiree  7 часов назад

                                                                That poor doctors face the whole time had me CRINGING 😂😂😂

                                                                • that one kid
                                                                  that one kid  7 часов назад

                                                                  Doctor: (in head, wtf these dumb idiots are waisting my time)

                                                                  • Billie Eilish
                                                                    Billie Eilish  7 часов назад

                                                                    *hits ball*
                                                                    “DUDE stop disrespecting mom!” 😔

                                                                    • Kathy A.
                                                                      Kathy A.  7 часов назад

                                                                      If Ethan or Grayson ever become dads:
                                                                      future wife: “babe I’m pregnant!”
                                                                      twin: “you mean there’s a little trimester 1 goop in you?!?!?!”
                                                                      future wife: “for sure?”

                                                                      • Oeu
                                                                        Oeu  7 часов назад

                                                                        I feel so bad for this doctor

                                                                        • roach
                                                                          roach  7 часов назад

                                                                          16:27 lmfaooo

                                                                          • SYK AES
                                                                            SYK AES  7 часов назад

                                                                            ARE WE ALOWWED TO SWIM IN OUR GOOPS PEE

                                                                            • SYK AES
                                                                              SYK AES  8 часов назад

                                                                              This was uncomfortable and funny at the exact same time😂

                                                                              • Ej
                                                                                Ej  8 часов назад

                                                                                Ethan and Grayson: *continues to annoy the doctor for 15 minutes straight*

                                                                                The doctor: *wHat THe fUCk iS WRoNG WIth tHeSE PeoPle*

                                                                                • Ling .t.h
                                                                                  Ling .t.h  8 часов назад

                                                                                  Slightly disturbing if you really think about it. Two grown men in a plastic ball filled with water pretending to be in their mom’s womb again

                                                                                  • Serenity Baker
                                                                                    Serenity Baker  8 часов назад

                                                                                    @ 19:30 that's when grethan was born

                                                                                    • itsabzhere
                                                                                      itsabzhere  8 часов назад

                                                                                      Love how Grayson is more tan then Ethan

                                                                                      • Lil miss SIM&shine
                                                                                        Lil miss SIM&shine  8 часов назад

                                                                                        Ethan: yells mom
                                                                                        Ethan: oh shit that hurts don’t scream
                                                                                        Grayson: okay
                                                                                        Grayson: mom I’m hungry.....
                                                                                        Greyson: MOM!
                                                                                        Ethan: dies.

                                                                                        • Banana Llama
                                                                                          Banana Llama  8 часов назад

                                                                                          My teacher asked me if I wanted a dt (detention) then I said YEs I wanna Dolan twin (;

                                                                                          • Cloie McCalip
                                                                                            Cloie McCalip  8 часов назад

                                                                                            My mom had her second set of twins today. A boy and a girl. I’m also a twin with another girl!

                                                                                            • Slump .
                                                                                              Slump .  8 часов назад

                                                                                              Y’all saw sumn at 22:43

                                                                                              • traviscott
                                                                                                traviscott  8 часов назад


                                                                                                • Telia Johnson
                                                                                                  Telia Johnson  9 часов назад

                                                                                                  when they put those glasses on their eyes had me weakkkkkkk