Blind Mouse Trap Minefield Challenge!!

  • Опубликовано: 10 января 2018
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    Hey guys! What should we put on the ground next time? Could you crawl through the mouse trap minefield? Let us know down below! Check out the Which Wall Can I Run Through Challenge!!


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Комментарии • 2 649

  • Luigi NES 64
    Luigi NES 64  2 недель назад

    Bobby knew what he was doing...

    • sivraj01171
      sivraj01171  3 недель назад

      is it me or am I the only one that lost with bobby's face when he swung his arm back at 0:45

      • Mystical _Gamer
        Mystical _Gamer  3 недель назад

        This stuff is so stupid that its funny, even tho i would totally do this

        • Patyn Ashford
          Patyn Ashford  3 недель назад

          taner and j-fred could so get away with sayin gthe brothers like real brothers who 😂 🤣

          • Ky BloodWolf
            Ky BloodWolf  3 недель назад

            What's the difference between Tanner and J-fred?

            • Kyle Lac
              Kyle Lac  1 месяцев назад


              99% = I’m too lazy to judge comments
              1% = This specific one percent gets its own mention because why not

              • Floof a Poof
                Floof a Poof  2 месяцев назад

                5:26...this is what we call Carma

                • Nicole Wehrman
                  Nicole Wehrman  2 месяцев назад


                  • Mena Gonda
                    Mena Gonda  2 месяцев назад

                    7:58 when you saw a roach..

                    • Mohammed Ali Alzaabi
                      Mohammed Ali Alzaabi  3 месяцев назад


                      • Isaiah White
                        Isaiah White  3 месяцев назад

                        7:58 He looks like a mad blind person :>)

                        • Nina Henderson
                          Nina Henderson  3 месяцев назад

                          When your playing a game and they choose the same players as you

                          • Reagan Nellis
                            Reagan Nellis  3 месяцев назад

                            Poor bobby

                            • Bluezombie - For The Win
                              Bluezombie - For The Win  4 месяцев назад

                              I gave this video a like only because tanner got demolished by mouse traps.

                              • polite spoon
                                polite spoon  4 месяцев назад

                                holy crap tanner looks so different without a hat

                                • Jake Eves
                                  Jake Eves  4 месяцев назад

                                  bobby got egg on his face

                                  • Jake Eves
                                    Jake Eves  4 месяцев назад

                                    tanner hit bobby right in the nose with that egg

                                    • Agent Random
                                      Agent Random  4 месяцев назад

                                      There is two J-Freds and a bearded Bobby, and a regular Bobby

                                      • KelliMariee
                                        KelliMariee  4 месяцев назад

                                        why do they always mess over the baby bobby 😔

                                        • SuperDAZBEAN
                                          SuperDAZBEAN  4 месяцев назад

                                          R.I.P Rekt 😭

                                          • Cool Ninja105
                                            Cool Ninja105  5 месяцев назад

                                            Short hair tanner look weird than the one now

                                            Like if u agree

                                            • Camden Hall
                                              Camden Hall  5 месяцев назад

                                              I’m a red head

                                              • Evan Wilson
                                                Evan Wilson  5 месяцев назад

                                                Tanner looks like joey when he is blinfolded

                                                • Lone Wolf Gaming
                                                  Lone Wolf Gaming  5 месяцев назад

                                                  "Don't let me catch you steppin"

                                                  • SIENNA SHELL
                                                    SIENNA SHELL  5 месяцев назад

                                                    I would be offended by the ginger thing, because I'm a strawberry blonde... BUT I love Joey so It's fine

                                                    • Andrew Walker Jr.
                                                      Andrew Walker Jr.  5 месяцев назад

                                                      Mrbeast, i found a new challenge for Chandler.

                                                      • Lazy Boi
                                                        Lazy Boi  5 месяцев назад

                                                        Jay Blu they are not mr beast

                                                    • Zero Fucks
                                                      Zero Fucks  5 месяцев назад

                                                      Its always one head or the other for bobby, poor poor boby

                                                      • Toilet Clogger
                                                        Toilet Clogger  5 месяцев назад

                                                        Gingers have souls

                                                        • Reddager Adventure
                                                          Reddager Adventure  5 месяцев назад

                                                          Question.Why doae Bobby always get hit in the face or the no no spot

                                                          • J.L. C.O.
                                                            J.L. C.O.  5 месяцев назад

                                                            Bobby got shot...good!

                                                            • Carie Barnes
                                                              Carie Barnes  5 месяцев назад


                                                              • Carie Barnes
                                                                Carie Barnes  5 месяцев назад

                                                                I mean 0;46

                                                                • Carie Barnes
                                                                  Carie Barnes  5 месяцев назад

                                                                  At 0:49 he got bumped in the balls

                                                                  • Jack T Ripper
                                                                    Jack T Ripper  5 месяцев назад

                                                                    “I do it for you kids”

                                                                    Me: I’m starting my twenties

                                                                    • ZackTheManYT
                                                                      ZackTheManYT  5 месяцев назад

                                                                      The captions are a little too early

                                                                      • Josie Summerville
                                                                        Josie Summerville  6 месяцев назад

                                                                        Joey and Tanner look so much alike. For a minute there, I was like, who's who??

                                                                        • I'm your hope I'm your angel I'm J-hope
                                                                          I'm your hope I'm your angel I'm J-hope  6 месяцев назад

                                                                          7:58 idk why but I was laughing so hard XD

                                                                          • Sky Ayala
                                                                            Sky Ayala  4 месяцев назад

                                                                            Imagine some blind guy with a hammer coming at you like that 😂

                                                                        • N greene
                                                                          N greene  6 месяцев назад

                                                                          Should do rat traps:)

                                                                          • Isaac Joyner
                                                                            Isaac Joyner  7 месяцев назад

                                                                            0:45 wrong head

                                                                            • KK Dancers
                                                                              KK Dancers  7 месяцев назад

                                                                              What happened to bryon

                                                                              • TYRONE LOFTON
                                                                                TYRONE LOFTON  7 месяцев назад

                                                                                Poor j Fred such a baby

                                                                                • Jasmine Somsri
                                                                                  Jasmine Somsri  7 месяцев назад

                                                                                  I’m dead he goes: I do it for you kids

                                                                                  • Morgan Hawkins
                                                                                    Morgan Hawkins  7 месяцев назад

                                                                                    *Joey and tanner in the same video is absolute heaven*

                                                                                    • Morgan Hawkins
                                                                                      Morgan Hawkins  7 месяцев назад

                                                                                      *Joey and tanner in the same video is absolute heaven*

                                                                                      • Walker Clemons
                                                                                        Walker Clemons  7 месяцев назад

                                                                                        0:01 DAMN

                                                                                        • Teagan Frisby
                                                                                          Teagan Frisby  7 месяцев назад

                                                                                          when bobby got hit with the egg I made a raptor noise

                                                                                          • Araj Uchiha
                                                                                            Araj Uchiha  7 месяцев назад

                                                                                            7:56 when tanner gets the hammer and hits the floor randomly...........The Expression in which he hits randomly😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

                                                                                            • Araj Uchiha
                                                                                              Araj Uchiha  7 месяцев назад

                                                                                              @michelle rabanus 😂😂😂😂✌✌

                                                                                            • michelle rabanus
                                                                                              michelle rabanus  7 месяцев назад

                                                                                              I was looking for some one posting the time in the comments thank you lol xD

                                                                                          • Benedict Hobbs
                                                                                            Benedict Hobbs  7 месяцев назад

                                                                                            I love ur vids💗💘💖💟👍👍👍👍👍