Game of Thrones S8E03 Explained

  • Опубликовано: 05 мая 2019
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    What happens in Game of Thrones S8E03, The Long Night? What is the meaning behind the end of the Dothraki? What is Bran doing all episode? Why does Melisandre die? What is the meaning of Game of Thrones now that the white walkers are gone?

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  • GemTV Africa
    GemTV Africa  3 дней назад

    19:24 " Walder frey killed more important characters than the Night king " I fell from my bed when i heard this and i was dozing cause i stayed up all night on roblox

    • Varun Kumar
      Varun Kumar  6 дней назад

      i wish alt shift X would have said well fuck it, lost his cool and just went on a cursing spree. I'm sure he would have off the mic.

      • Agamemnon
        Agamemnon  1 недель назад

        Held off on watching ASX before watching S8 myself. This is about the episode where they fucked it all up. I wonder what he'll have to say...

        ... yeah. This. The only justifiable reason to fuck the series so bad would be to promote book sales for the fans to get the real ending of the story, to get actual closure, to get the satisfaction of forgetting this trainwreck.

        • C Alex
          C Alex  1 недель назад

          The Night King is the great loser that was promised

          • RP Productions
            RP Productions  2 недель назад

            I expect GRRM’s ending will play out better than this. Arya definitely will NOT kill the Night King for one.

            But I’m really hoping Bran doesn’t become king. Simply cause I can’t see logically why/how he would. 🤷‍♀️

            • RP Productions
              RP Productions  2 недель назад

              I gotta say, I love your (apparent) passive aggressiveness to D&D’s bad story writing. 😂

              • ziros22
                ziros22  2 недель назад

                I would say that Arya stabbed him much lower than "the same place" but certainly in the torso like before.

                • lykang soy
                  lykang soy  3 недель назад

                  Valyrian steel made of Castle forged steel combine with Dragon glass i guess xD

                  • - Blackemperor-
                    - Blackemperor-  1 недель назад

                    What the fuck are you talking about?

                • Sydni Taylor
                  Sydni Taylor  4 недель назад

                  I agree that Jon and Daenerys should've been way more essential for the white walkers because that was their destiny not the stupid shit about people pitting them against each other for which one should get the throne because the easiest solution to that would be a marriage duh! So this season shouldn't have even been about the throne it should've been about the white walkers. The white walkers being done the first night they came is why Season 8 failed.

                  • Potent IT Learning Network
                    Potent IT Learning Network  1 месяцев назад

                    "and smirks... Like an anime villain" 😂😂

                    • Lauren Quinn
                      Lauren Quinn  1 месяцев назад

                      Lyanna Mormont’s death was one of the things that slightly redeemed this episode. It was still a God awful mess of an episode...but her battle cry she let out before she literally got squeezed to death by a giant really did being a tear to my eye. She was fine with dying....but she made damn sure that the fucker that killed her died as well. It really was poetic because she was so small in the physical sense, but she had a heart more fierce than a hundred grown men. One of my most favorite lines of dialogue in the entire series was back in season 5 when Stannis shows Jon the scroll that Lyanna sent back that saying
                      “Bear Island Knows no king, except the King in the North, whose name is Stark.”

                      She really was a force of nature. I think that she represents the spirit of the North more than Sansa, Jon, Arya or anyone else because she truly does remember....when Sansa and Jon went to ask for Bear Islands support in season 6 Lyanna looks right at Sansa and says “but you’re a Lannister....or are you a Bolton?” In that moment Sansa realizes that the North truly does remember.....even the things that the Starks do....Sansa always loved throwing “The North Remembers” in peoples faces and when Lyanna remembers Sansas past choices and predicaments and Sansa finally understands the true meaning of “The North remembers”....Sansa always believed it was in reference of Rickard and Brandon Stark being killed by the mad king....but it’s not just that. Of course their murders were a HUGE reason as to why “The North remembers”...but The North remembers EVERYTHING...the good, the bad, and the ugly things that every single family in the North has lived through. In that moment Sansa finally understood what being a Northerner really meant. Which is why Lyanna Mormont is the most brave and the most honest person the North has ever seen.

                      Ned was always regarded as pure and honest and he truly was...but even he lied. Of course it was to keep Jon safe and honor his promise to his sister....but it was still a lie. Lyanna is the North. Lyanna died for the North. She was 12 years old and she had a true and pure since of valor and honor that was the unmatched. God bless the Lady of Bear Island. She was always my hero.

                      • Kebron Gurara
                        Kebron Gurara  1 месяцев назад

                        13:18 The hilt of the dagger is dragon bone not dragon glass

                        • caroline meow meow
                          caroline meow meow  2 месяцев назад

                          "Jorah's Khaleesi senses tingle" lmfao

                          • Jan Badinski
                            Jan Badinski  2 месяцев назад

                            So Tormund did fk a bear after all.

                            • Jan Badinski
                              Jan Badinski  2 месяцев назад

                              Little Lyanna Mormont was a little bad ass who died as she lived, a hero in a little body.

                              • MegaMan11
                                MegaMan11  2 месяцев назад

                                10:31 The ultimate friend zone arc, check.

                                • Alex McMillan
                                  Alex McMillan  2 месяцев назад

                                  the whole season was shit. in fact so was he season before too

                                  • Sean Blu Digital
                                    Sean Blu Digital  2 месяцев назад

                                    I still think the show should have ended with this episode in The Long Night! I would've been much more satisfied with the army of the dead taking over the world. Also, the Night King could've just sat back and chilled hard while his army annihilates every living being!

                                    • Thanos the mad Titan
                                      Thanos the mad Titan  2 месяцев назад

                                      I think you should have been the showrunner who tells the rest of the story. I found no other man that knows so much about GoT than you and even understands its meaning. I say "I" for you as an showrunner if would get to choose. You are amazing!

                                      • TheRanger
                                        TheRanger  2 месяцев назад

                                        Waste of dothraki, why did they charge

                                        • ShadeRunner
                                          ShadeRunner  3 месяцев назад

                                          so you say it makes sense that Arya kills the NK and then say it makes no sense... playing to both sides?

                                          • G-dog
                                            G-dog  3 месяцев назад

                                            What need to be explained other than its a heap of shit😂

                                            • SolidSnakeOil
                                              SolidSnakeOil  3 месяцев назад

                                              "Weird tactics". That's a strange way of saying dumb af.

                                              • algogy
                                                algogy  3 месяцев назад

                                                Arya killing the KN is the worst scene in hisotry of television, stupid on so many levels! First, Arya's arc has nothing to do with the NK; Jon, Sam, Theon, even Dany are far more logical choices.
                                                But ok, let her kill him - but not this laughable, ridiculous, retarded way - teleporting/jumping behind him (his entire army is behind him ffs, did she jump over all of them?), then screaming like an idiot just to warn him, then he stare at her, instead to kill her instantly, like Theon (same sh*t as that undead giant at Lyanna, exactly the same episode, exactly the same D&D retarded and lazy writing). And then her cheap little trick, where are his lighting reflexes now?

                                                Instead why she didn't jump from the tree or something? Hey why not throwing knife at him? Why not use bow and arrow?? Imagine this scene: Theon's sacrifice is actually useful, he attacks the NK, NK stabs him, but Theon stand up again attacking him again; NK is surprised, impressed, curious, whatever, but while he is busy with Theon, Arya (lurking in the shadows behind Bran) aims at his blue eye. He finally realize she is there, but is too late. Boom! He is dead. Remember the scene from episode 1, the first scene with Arya and Bran ever? With bow and arrow training? Full circle.

                                                Or, or how about this one: NK is aproaching Bran, then Theon stand up again; NK stabs him again but Bran jumps from his wheelchair and stab NK! Nk is shocked and then he dies. 'What'?! you say. Here is the explanation: It wasn't Bran it was Arya (show canon: faceless assassins can use any face). Yes, Bran was marked, he is behind the tree or something, he switched places with Arya immediately before the NK arrives.

                                                • Jessica Baker
                                                  Jessica Baker  2 месяцев назад

                                                  Fuck off

                                                • BalF
                                                  BalF  3 месяцев назад

                                                  amen bro

                                              • ItsKingCrispy
                                                ItsKingCrispy  3 месяцев назад

                                                Just Bran being bran, playing bird simulator all the time.

                                                • William Stephens
                                                  William Stephens  3 месяцев назад

                                                  Ser Rodrick said the handle was made of dragonbone, not obsidian

                                                  • davejordy1
                                                    davejordy1  3 месяцев назад

                                                    around the time you show the "ultimate final confrontation with bad guys" and X's over every dead characters face? and yet theres Edd Tolley with no X over his face, when you make fun of how quickly he dies? Well, it kind of feels like a coffee cup left in a scene. In the middle of all the bad stuff you want to point out in this episode, you forget to do all your duty in accurately depicting which characters are dead. Is it petty, and irrelevant? Sure! But so is this video. If you refuse to cut the show any lee way on ANY point you want to make, then at least show that you have done all of your due diligence and update your graphics accordingly. This whole thing is so petty and I feel the show needs SOMEONE to stand up for the internet vitriol.

                                                    • Dark Wizard
                                                      Dark Wizard  3 месяцев назад

                                                      I don't think that many people can fit in that castle.

                                                      • Dalek Emperor
                                                        Dalek Emperor  3 месяцев назад

                                                        The tactics in this episode are so bad that I am legitimatly curious if Rian Johnson managed to infiltrate the Game of Thrones' writting staff and corrupt them with the same bottom-less stupidity that infests him.

                                                        Oh yeah, its that bad.

                                                        • JohnThe Champ
                                                          JohnThe Champ  3 месяцев назад

                                                          Dany and Jon should've killed the Night King and Arya shoud've killed Cerci

                                                          • Vaibhav Tripathi
                                                            Vaibhav Tripathi  4 месяцев назад

                                                            You criticize too much.

                                                            • Nealikus
                                                              Nealikus  4 месяцев назад

                                                              "After Stannis died in seasons 5"

                                                              SHOW. ME. THE. BODY.

                                                              • Bendetoma
                                                                Bendetoma  4 месяцев назад

                                                                I admit - while waiting for Season 8 I completely forgot about Alt Shift X... now I can wait to see him losing his mind!

                                                                • SwordBreaker925
                                                                  SwordBreaker925  4 месяцев назад

                                                                  Jorah somehow dies from a sword piercing straight through his plate armor, something not even the strongest humans can do (swords are meant for stabbing between plates, maces are used for breaking through armor), but somehow a rotting corpse has the strength to pierce his armor with a rusty iron sword. GoT logic for ya

                                                                  • King Loser
                                                                    King Loser  4 месяцев назад

                                                                    19:02 Eddison Tolett lives? ;-)

                                                                  • Kiwikick238
                                                                    Kiwikick238  4 месяцев назад

                                                                    1. i dont understand why Daenerys landed only to tell john to go after bran. She deserved having the undead attack her dragon and jura conveniently being there to save her was bad.
                                                                    2. How did none of the whigt walkers notice arya if the undead was able to hear her blood drop and the night king could hear john run after him earlier.
                                                                    3. The dothraki and brans power were treated as nothing

                                                                    • Yeeoldeseabass Yeeoldeseabass
                                                                      Yeeoldeseabass Yeeoldeseabass  4 месяцев назад

                                                                      There sure was plenty of stabbing straight through plate armour in this episode.

                                                                      • alexizdabestPSN
                                                                        alexizdabestPSN  4 месяцев назад

                                                                        I think once the final books are eventually released, we’ll have a more meaningful ending to the Others story arc. Poor scripting and a rushed season left it with too many unanswered questions

                                                                        • EyeSeeYou
                                                                          EyeSeeYou  4 месяцев назад

                                                                          The show is called "Game of thrones" not "a song of ice and fire" so at least it makes sense to the title of the show, that the main plot is not defeating the white walkers, but making plays for the iron throne. Still..... what the fuck lmao

                                                                          • EyeSeeYou
                                                                            EyeSeeYou  4 месяцев назад

                                                                            as someone who read the books and loved the show... I just can't believe they made arya the one to kill the night king. what were they thinking? Just terrible. The whole azor ahai prophecy in the show had literally no meaning at all... God I hope we actually get the last 2 books

                                                                            • Siamzero1994
                                                                              Siamzero1994  4 месяцев назад

                                                                              The hilt is made of dragon bone

                                                                              • Jessie Wang
                                                                                Jessie Wang  4 месяцев назад

                                                                                Bran is busy preparing to be king, i guess

                                                                                • Mooseballs
                                                                                  Mooseballs  4 месяцев назад

                                                                                  “The end of the Dothraki”

                                                                                  “Half are gone”

                                                                                  • Ranjit Bahadur
                                                                                    Ranjit Bahadur  4 месяцев назад

                                                                                    The more I think about S8 in retrospect the worse it becomes.
                                                                                    Still, it’s a small price to pay for not having white savior queen Dany triumph over all.

                                                                                    • Daniel Pack
                                                                                      Daniel Pack  4 месяцев назад

                                                                                      These very sorts of stupid tactics are why the West got stuck with Constantine instead of Maxentius as Roman Emperor due to the Battle of the Milvian Bridge. Why emulate Maxentius when they could do so much better?

                                                                                      • Alexey Baal
                                                                                        Alexey Baal  4 месяцев назад

                                                                                        What do we say to the God of writing? not this season

                                                                                        • deadphishiy
                                                                                          deadphishiy  4 месяцев назад

                                                                                          So like what crimes did Tyrion even need to pay for? What mistakes did he make? He implimented a whores tax in KL. He killed shae which is fine. I guess the only real crime was killing his father. But everyone kinda seems happy about that. It's not like Tyrion was anywhere near joffrey level

                                                                                          • Ken Dalrymple
                                                                                            Ken Dalrymple  4 месяцев назад

                                                                                            “Unless you count Qhono, and no one counts Qhono “ 😂😂😂