Ariana Grande "thank u, next" Interview

  • Опубликовано: 09 февраля 2019
  • #ArianaGrande stopped by the studio to talk about her new album "thank u, next"

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Комментарии • 8 177

  • Juju Fish
    Juju Fish  7 часов назад

    Bacon eggs
    Think this when she sing thank you next

    • David blessed chosen
      David blessed chosen  1 дней назад

      May GOD FATHER MOST HOLY☝️❤ MOST MERCIFUL AND MOST LOVING IN HIS UNFAILING KINDNESS #BLESS US ALL,🙌💖 and I personally Pray for this girl in GOD JESUS CHRIST, may GOD HELP all People with anxities and depression, GOD is GOOD PRAISE GOD all the time, we just all need to TRUST IN HIM🙌🙏☝️❤😃😊

      • Lasse Vangsgaard Pedersen
        Lasse Vangsgaard Pedersen  1 дней назад

        17:30 😂That conversation though

        • linc
          linc  2 дней назад

          vic: “we were banging for a while”
          tommy: “we were dating for 6 years”
          i’m crying 😭

        • Matthew Miller
          Matthew Miller  2 дней назад

          Ok, so this is a bit late and i dont think anyone is gonna read this but i love Ari so much. Although i didn't go through a terrorist attack i can most definantly say that 2017-2018 was like the worst time of my life, and she really helped me through that time. Songs like needy and in my head made me feel like I wasnt alone in my terrible terrible shit. Like honestly, Get well soon and brethin gave me life when i was thinking about commiting fucking suicide. Soooo yea. this was weird, and late, and has tons of grammatical errors but I just wanted to get this off my chest. I love you so much Ariana Grande.

          • Daniel McIntyre
            Daniel McIntyre  2 дней назад

            this is EVERYTHING. my favorite album, I haven't taken it off repeat since she dropped it

            • Mariana MUSIC
              Mariana MUSIC  2 дней назад

              47:05 breakup with your boyfriend, “both work” 👀

              • Benjamin Marshall
                Benjamin Marshall  2 дней назад

                omg guys I just realised

                Zack: you would start civilisation
                Ariana (sarcastically): with my luck
                that's so sad

                • Katie Henry
                  Katie Henry  2 дней назад

                  Watching the Sweetner interview and then watching this is heartbreaking

                  • Katie Henry
                    Katie Henry  8 часов назад

                    I know it’s awful like she’s being so strong and trying to move forward but she looks on the brink of tears and I just want to give her a hug. It’s mental that they’re not that far apart

                  • assassinade
                    assassinade  8 часов назад

                    exactly what i was thinking. she was at her best, healthiest and happiest in the sweetener interview,, and in this interview, no matter how hard she's putting a facade on, you can see that she's at her worst. it so so sad.

                • Weather Is Fun
                  Weather Is Fun  3 дней назад

                  1:00:25 that's sad :(

                  • Weather Is Fun
                    Weather Is Fun  3 дней назад


                    • Rebecca Pollack
                      Rebecca Pollack  3 дней назад

                      I'll be honest and say that her music is not my cup of tea for whatever reason, but after watching this, she is such a beautiful person ♥

                      • Choose_love_
                        Choose_love_  3 дней назад

                        I haven’t experienced what Ariana experienced in any dimension but I feel like I have been in the same headspace as her and I really hop she gets healthier

                        • Tara Dawn
                          Tara Dawn  10 часов назад

                          Choose_love_ hope it gets easier for you :)

                      • Karina Mu
                        Karina Mu  3 дней назад

                        Did she get lips job?

                        • Gabby Gershom Bassey
                          Gabby Gershom Bassey  3 дней назад

                          Imagine being Ari :

                          You feel the guilt of people that died in YOUR concert.

                          You feel the guilt of your Ex boyfriends death.

                          You have billions of people that are your fans but only 10 that you trust.

                          You feel that you have to meet up to people’s standards of expectations .

                          You have most of your truth broadcasted to the whole world so everyone can judge you .

                          • かおり
                            かおり  3 дней назад

                            1:13:38 “she said thank u, next” i swear to god i love her so much

                            • Cornelia
                              Cornelia  3 дней назад

                              55:00 choking

                              • Cornelia
                                Cornelia  3 дней назад


                                • Milton Soto
                                  Milton Soto  4 дней назад

                                  Zara Larsson or who? 25:00

                                  • Rose
                                    Rose  4 дней назад

                                    I really wish I had friends like friends never give a shit about me no matter how hard I try

                                  • sherrysynthesis
                                    sherrysynthesis  4 дней назад

                                    I love her❤️

                                    • Freaker
                                      Freaker  5 дней назад

                                      This is very emotional.
                                      Also I CAN'T believe he is actually asking about music !!!

                                      • ʚ닉코닉코닉ɞ
                                        ʚ닉코닉코닉ɞ  5 дней назад

                                        I love her voice so much❤️❤️❤️

                                        • Never Quit
                                          Never Quit  5 дней назад

                                          WOW she’s a fucking bitch

                                          • iso kasa
                                            iso kasa  5 дней назад

                                            Why does she keep her hand before her mouth sometimes when she talks?

                                            • Paul Hensley
                                              Paul Hensley  5 дней назад

                                              I like watching this, it erases my anxiety like for real, i feel like im in a group of friends sharing something really deep and influential.

                                              • Esther Huang
                                                Esther Huang  5 дней назад

                                                omg her voice’

                                                • Diana Lising
                                                  Diana Lising  6 дней назад

                                                  I love you Zach. Thanks for this 💕
                                                  I am glad I live in the same generation with Ari

                                                  • Ian Flemmings
                                                    Ian Flemmings  6 дней назад

                                                    Ariana: It's just like, you know?

                                                    • Amine Djedií
                                                      Amine Djedií  6 дней назад

                                                      can't quit watching this

                                                      • Meekrs
                                                        Meekrs  6 дней назад

                                                        the dude beside ariana is so awkward

                                                        • julieta
                                                          julieta  6 дней назад

                                                          the way that she told him to go suck a dick KDKGKDKS i love them

                                                          • Whitney Blockman
                                                            Whitney Blockman  6 дней назад

                                                            My 3rd time watching this

                                                            • Mayumi Sakamoto
                                                              Mayumi Sakamoto  6 дней назад

                                                              meu amor🖤☁️

                                                              • Mrs Arianator
                                                                Mrs Arianator  6 дней назад


                                                                • Furdonkulous
                                                                  Furdonkulous  7 дней назад

                                                                  20:55 Talking About Ghostin
                                                                  Your Welcome
                                                                  29:30 Song Hes Never Heard Anything Like It (Make Up)

                                                                  • Hattie White
                                                                    Hattie White  1 недель назад

                                                                    take a shot every time ari interrupts zach lol

                                                                    • Justine Carifelle
                                                                      Justine Carifelle  22 часов назад

                                                                      I do it to when your depressed you don’t realize what you do half the time... she probably doesn’t even realize it... she is just trying to force words out :/ I’ll take a shot to that

                                                                    • Ella Mincey
                                                                      Ella Mincey  6 дней назад

                                                                      Hattie White *dies of alcohol poisoning* 😂

                                                                  • Jimmy Salo
                                                                    Jimmy Salo  1 недель назад

                                                                    Whole album is about sex :DDD Orgy in the studio

                                                                  • priscila :p
                                                                    priscila :p  1 недель назад

                                                                    zach : what was ghostin about
                                                                    ariana : no

                                                                    • 4 19
                                                                      4 19  1 недель назад

                                                                      She looks so little

                                                                      • Emily H.
                                                                        Emily H.  1 недель назад

                                                                        Zach really needs some dick holy shit

                                                                        • Titan
                                                                          Titan  1 недель назад

                                                                          IM TRYING TO FIND THE PART WHERE HE MENTIONED IT AND I CANT

                                                                      • lindsey dpt
                                                                        lindsey dpt  1 недель назад

                                                                        I dont like her that much but its sad that she was almost crying in the intro

                                                                        • RainbowSparkleBear
                                                                          RainbowSparkleBear  1 недель назад

                                                                          “It’s an inside joke”
                                                                          *tells story behind inside joke

                                                                          Deadass something I’d do 😂 I love Ariana

                                                                          • Jasonm Gavitt
                                                                            Jasonm Gavitt  1 недель назад

                                                                            I wouldn’t trust anyone who blinks that much.god damn!

                                                                            • Fxckin God
                                                                              Fxckin God  1 недель назад

                                                                              her voice ❤😪so calm and relaxing

                                                                              • Ash Lopez
                                                                                Ash Lopez  1 недель назад

                                                                                When I was in middle school Your Truly had been out and that’s when she was done with Victorious and I loved her 😂 I wanted to like dress like her 😂 I kind stranded away after that idk why exactly but my Anxiety bought me back when I listened to Breathing lOl cheesy but yeah I’m realizing how awesome she really is lol

                                                                                • Ariana Grande's fan acc
                                                                                  Ariana Grande's fan acc  1 недель назад

                                                                                  31:57 MONOPOLY tea. So the account that sad this, wasn't spilling tea so that wasn't insider information

                                                                                  • Justin Louis
                                                                                    Justin Louis  1 недель назад

                                                                                    Devil illuminati scum witch 💩😈💩 satanic puupet she is