I Got Custom Clothes From An App

  • Опубликовано: 17 февраля 2019
  • So a few months ago I saw this bizarre, polka-dotted motion capture suit that claimed to be able to measure you and then let you order customized clothes through their app - to which I said: challenge ACCEPTED! So I ordered the suit, let it measure my body, and then waited 2 months for my custom clothes to arrive. And this is what happened. What do you think? Would you try this out?

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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard   7 месяцев назад

    HELLO FRIENDS! happy saturday! here is a weird video of something we bought back in NOVEMBER and took two months to get to us!! would u guys try this zozo suit? also, if ur interested in our new merch, you can check it out here! https://fiendsbysaf.com/ xoxo, saf

  • Luna_Lovegood_ Wannabe
    Luna_Lovegood_ Wannabe  15 часов назад


    • Roberta Bellman
      Roberta Bellman  20 часов назад

      Custom clothes should be something Special, not just a white t-shirt ... lol 😝

      • Erik Naranjo
        Erik Naranjo  1 дней назад

        Have you ever had a custom made to measure leather jacket? There aren’t many choices like this for women like there are for men. All European leather, linings and fasteners made in NYC USA. https://lns-nyc.com/

        • Una Zivkovic
          Una Zivkovic  1 дней назад

          Damm the jeans are more expensive than my GAP jeans

          • IJustKant13
            IJustKant13  2 дней назад

            *hears Zozo app voice* GL-GLaDOS?

            • Sophie Treier412
              Sophie Treier412  2 дней назад

              This is not custom

              • Gemma Larbey
                Gemma Larbey  2 дней назад

                Your voice is so therapeutic

                • Ack Man
                  Ack Man  3 дней назад

                  Zozo bad news: https://qz.com/quartzy/1539036/the-zozosuit-has-been-an-expensive-mistake-for-japans-zozo-inc/

                  • Leia
                    Leia  3 дней назад

                    There is NO WAY they "customized" your exact four pieces of clothing. This is a gimmick. You gave them measurements and they selected from pre-made clothing of which they likely had only several different measurement options. C'mon, you're smarter than this.

                    • kevin chirivi
                      kevin chirivi  4 дней назад

                      u look hotter with your hair tied

                      • Honey Affirmations
                        Honey Affirmations  4 дней назад

                        3:48 holy- Saf your the progressive lady Flo-

                        • ryan
                          ryan  5 дней назад

                          She needs to get a new hair style/length. Makes her head look like a legit cube. And you talk like a robot!... you would be able to do the next siri voice just by talking naturally!😂 I just wanted to see what clothing tech was out but got so much cringe instead

                          • Hana May
                            Hana May  5 дней назад

                            I just found your channel and really liked your personality but i remembered that i always saw your thumbnails but never clicked they don't show your theme clearly

                            • Yeah Ok
                              Yeah Ok  6 дней назад

                              7:21 why the hell should that be a movie

                              • Laurence Morin
                                Laurence Morin  6 дней назад

                                This is Glados

                                • Ophelia Hinz
                                  Ophelia Hinz  6 дней назад

                                  If you put golem in one more video I’m unsubscribing. I’m m serious

                                  • Wumbo Time!
                                    Wumbo Time!  7 дней назад

                                    Zozo, huh. A really bad demon.great name

                                    • Pappii Acee
                                      Pappii Acee  7 дней назад

                                      Them ugly ass clothes high

                                      • Terry
                                        Terry  1 недель назад

                                        a 30$ shirt that is short sleeve and one colour is sth i will never buy.. sis, that‘s what macklemore was talking abt

                                        • poornima rawat
                                          poornima rawat  1 недель назад

                                          Safiya looks like Professor Snape in this costume with this hair.

                                          • allyXx
                                            allyXx  1 недель назад

                                            My measurements would not have been the same by the time they arrived with christmas in between!

                                            • Chloe S
                                              Chloe S  2 недель назад

                                              The zozo suit looks like an emo Miraculous Ladybug

                                              • Alberto Guzman
                                                Alberto Guzman  2 недель назад

                                                but your soo fat

                                                • Trota Bicolor
                                                  Trota Bicolor  1 недель назад

                                                  Have you problem about this? Didn't you ever see a fat person? She is nice and proud! There's a reason if she has 8 million fan!

                                              • Madeline Hunn
                                                Madeline Hunn  2 недель назад

                                                Omg she looks like snape at 7:20

                                                • Sassy Artsy
                                                  Sassy Artsy  2 недель назад

                                                  I m in love with your hellooo friends🥰

                                                  • zyva9040 zyva9040
                                                    zyva9040 zyva9040  2 недель назад

                                                    Your fat

                                                    • bootchicken
                                                      bootchicken  2 недель назад

                                                      zyva9040 zyva9040 why would you say that???? she’s proud of her own body, let her be!

                                                  • papithicclegs
                                                    papithicclegs  2 недель назад

                                                    2 months

                                                    • papithicclegs
                                                      papithicclegs  2 недель назад

                                                      You can cut the zozo suit and make a cute poka dot shirt & pants for free

                                                      • Team Monke
                                                        Team Monke  2 недель назад

                                                        I just came across your videos and absolutely adore your channel.

                                                        • Gabbie's Angel
                                                          Gabbie's Angel  2 недель назад

                                                          You ordered this on my mothers birthday 😂

                                                          • caitlin
                                                            caitlin  2 недель назад

                                                            PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT!!!

                                                            • Aga Tfgthd
                                                              Aga Tfgthd  2 недель назад

                                                              When the How I Met Your Mother scene came in I realised that you remind me of Robin

                                                              • OMARGOD
                                                                OMARGOD  2 недель назад

                                                                “Add consumers of media”

                                                                • Samantha Hershberg
                                                                  Samantha Hershberg  2 недель назад

                                                                  "fingerless attached gloves" ..... WRONG! Those are called Hobo Holes!

                                                                  • Kisseokjin
                                                                    Kisseokjin  2 недель назад

                                                                    I thought it’s an app where u can customize the design of your clothes

                                                                    • Daisay
                                                                      Daisay  2 недель назад

                                                                      Hahahahahah when you were saying the months you said devenber and December hahahahahah

                                                                      • bunnyhoper gacha
                                                                        bunnyhoper gacha  3 недель назад

                                                                        8:52 AYYY DUDE, IT ARIVED ON MY BIRTHDAY 😂😂😂

                                                                        • Rai Renee
                                                                          Rai Renee  3 недель назад

                                                                          I'm trying he said she looked like a wrinkly Steve jobs.🤣 They are so cute❤️

                                                                          • Emelia Smith
                                                                            Emelia Smith  3 недель назад

                                                                            I once did one of these for Asos, they didn't require you to wear any funny suit, just do it in your underwear (they used like those Microsoft Connect camera things & didn't actually see the raw photos. But the measurements were 100% worth it

                                                                            • Stranger Stan
                                                                              Stranger Stan  3 недель назад

                                                                              Saf: Zozo, do you copy?
                                                                              Me: 0.0 did she just predict Stranger Things season three??

                                                                              • Danny Rodeck
                                                                                Danny Rodeck  3 недель назад

                                                                                hi Safiya you make me happy bye Safiya

                                                                                • Clo de luca
                                                                                  Clo de luca  3 недель назад

                                                                                  I know what sz means s: safiya w: Williams if tylers family name is Williams and they are soon getting married

                                                                                  • Vera Malasomma
                                                                                    Vera Malasomma  3 недель назад

                                                                                    Do you know zozo is a demon?????

                                                                                    • Ella Högberg
                                                                                      Ella Högberg  3 недель назад

                                                                                      I love how safiya Always is in the musical cats

                                                                                      • alexandra
                                                                                        alexandra  3 недель назад

                                                                                        I'd just wear the zozo suit with different accessories

                                                                                        • Charles Mercer
                                                                                          Charles Mercer  3 недель назад

                                                                                          You know ZOZO is the name of a Demon

                                                                                          • pauline is hungry
                                                                                            pauline is hungry  3 недель назад

                                                                                            z-o-z-o is the name of a demon, if you say it or even write it you attract the demon.. better watch out saf