Kelly Tries to Get Jake Gyllenhaal a Date

  • Опубликовано: 10 февраля 2017
  • Kelly talks about trying to get Jake Gyllenhaal a date every time she sees, and tries to set him up with some audience members.
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  • Sara Anna
    Sara Anna  3 месяцев назад

    wlosy niee

    • Aphionyx V
      Aphionyx V  3 месяцев назад

      I don't think he is introverted

      • Tala Jardaneh
        Tala Jardaneh  3 месяцев назад

        1:30- 2:04 jake looked really uncomfortable lol but everyone loves him

        • Tala Jardaneh
          Tala Jardaneh  3 месяцев назад

          @Woah Haow but he enjoys it at a certain point

        • Woah Haow
          Woah Haow  3 месяцев назад

          I know, right, I feel so bad for him. It's obvious that he's really uncomfortable when people talk about his body and looks, rather than his work. Like, we all know that he's gorgeous and his eyes are amazing, okay, but you don't have to point this out in front of him every 2 seconds, especially, when your job is to interview him, not finding him a partner.

      • Catherine C
        Catherine C  3 месяцев назад

        Jake is considered as an introvert? I always see him as an extrovert.

        • N Martin
          N Martin  3 месяцев назад

          Catherine C Introvert/Extrovert probably. My lovely boyfriend was like that. Energy to do his work which was customer facing and could socialise quite well, however his energy would run down fairly quickly and he needed lots of time to recharge.

      • SeonghwaBunny
        SeonghwaBunny  3 месяцев назад

        Is that Negan?

        • Belle Doucette
          Belle Doucette  3 месяцев назад

          Anyone else notice how when Jake disagrees or is not interested in something he’s sarcastic but kind and says “sure, 100% I’m in” or something like that? Like in all his interviews when things get awkward or weird, his actor side comes out and he makes stronger effort to maintain eye contact and agrees with everything just to end the convo

          • Patrick Doran
            Patrick Doran  3 месяцев назад

            I love Jake Gyllenhaal, but my focus is on Negan co-hosting.

            • Clarisa Baker
              Clarisa Baker  3 месяцев назад

              He needs an ambivert

              • Mutiara Sakinah
                Mutiara Sakinah  3 месяцев назад

                at the beginning he looks like john krasinski there for a sec

                • snowglobe380
                  snowglobe380  4 месяцев назад

                  Not every eligible person has to not be single. There are reasons why. Why does this culture think they "have to" set someone up. If it happens great, if not, it's not like it's a mission for life's happiness. He seems to be involved in alot of projects that seem fulfulling and i'm sure someone like him does not need help finding a date as women seem to scream to just be in his presence.

                  • Mari Ann
                    Mari Ann  4 месяцев назад

                    I've never been more jealous of Kelly in this video!

                    • All in One *
                      All in One *  4 месяцев назад

                      Beautiful Jake 💋💋💋

                      • Lalita Bhandari
                        Lalita Bhandari  5 месяцев назад

                        Just love him

                        • Meshay Latae
                          Meshay Latae  6 месяцев назад

                          Jeffrey and Jake! 😍

                          Kelly is soooooo lucky!!

                          • brit c
                            brit c  8 месяцев назад

                            kelly always gives compliments to her guests i love it

                            • Samantha
                              Samantha  11 месяцев назад

                              He’s just so adorably sweet. And sexy. And all the things. I will take one for the team if he is still single. Just doing my public duty, you know? .... 🙈

                              • Divya Aravindan
                                Divya Aravindan  1 лет назад

                                I wished I was sitting gloomed face, and jake will see me and say that person is going to be my date.

                                • Valerie Garcia
                                  Valerie Garcia  1 лет назад

                                  one of the girls is my friends lmfaoooo

                                  • bade
                                    bade  1 лет назад

                                    Hope he finds someone perfect one day, he seems like a great guy

                                    • Erica Larissa
                                      Erica Larissa  1 лет назад

                                      Brasil representando! Eu desmaio com esse homem na minha frente

                                      • CosmicSong
                                        CosmicSong  1 лет назад

                                        i volunteer too!

                                        • Jessica Sterling
                                          Jessica Sterling  1 лет назад

                                          Dear lord, sign me up. I want to ride that ride.

                                          • Jessica Sterling
                                            Jessica Sterling  1 лет назад

                                            That sounded a lot less inappropriate before I typed it.

                                        • Beatriz Cruz
                                          Beatriz Cruz  1 лет назад


                                          • Jenny Pamei
                                            Jenny Pamei  2 лет назад

                                            Jake's hair 😍

                                            • Isabela Bitencourt
                                              Isabela Bitencourt  2 лет назад

                                              "they're from Brasil" Ohhh how I wanted it to be me

                                              • Lenalee Walker
                                                Lenalee Walker  2 лет назад

                                                sometimes he seems really unconfortable in talk shows and im kind of sorry for him. i dont think its easy for a famous rich person to find a date who really wants a date and not just that person on the cinema screen.

                                                • brian LaFreniere
                                                  brian LaFreniere  2 лет назад

                                                  Kelly's red high heels are so sexy Boner!

                                                  • Jaz A
                                                    Jaz A  2 лет назад

                                                    can she setup him up with me I’m totally fine with that

                                                    • Rajendra Biswas
                                                      Rajendra Biswas  2 лет назад

                                                      he likes russian girls not brazilian

                                                      • javaid mahboob
                                                        javaid mahboob  2 лет назад

                                                        He's looking soo amazing😍😎😘😗😙😚

                                                        • Constantine Korpen
                                                          Constantine Korpen  2 лет назад

                                                          some women are such sl_ts (

                                                          • Simply Perfect
                                                            Simply Perfect  2 лет назад


                                                            • Heather Place
                                                              Heather Place  2 лет назад

                                                              Hey Kelly, I volunteer as tribute! lol 🙋💖

                                                              • Da Best
                                                                Da Best  2 лет назад

                                                                All Jake needs is a Brazilian person

                                                                • Robyn Foster
                                                                  Robyn Foster  2 лет назад

                                                                  Lmao, he might be in a relationship and not want anyone to know. These kind of "you need a girlfriend/boyfriend" things i've seen famous people go through feels so uncomfortable. stop it interviewers

                                                                  • CandyGirl4life
                                                                    CandyGirl4life  2 лет назад

                                                                    I wonder if they really went on a date.

                                                                    • Joe Coe
                                                                      Joe Coe  2 лет назад

                                                                      Another woman objectifying a man like a piece of meat...

                                                                      • Kate Chan
                                                                        Kate Chan  2 лет назад

                                                                        why is he so cute 😭😭😭

                                                                        • indierules123
                                                                          indierules123  2 лет назад

                                                                          How is it possible that two of my favourite actors are interacting

                                                                          • Tatiana Galvao
                                                                            Tatiana Galvao  3 лет назад

                                                                            He's always so uncomfortable with compliments. He's like "oh god please stop" all the time. And I relate in the deepest of levels.

                                                                            • Heba Hamid
                                                                              Heba Hamid  3 лет назад

                                                                              i love Jake a lot Kelly could you set Jake up with me please

                                                                              • Irina Slepneva
                                                                                Irina Slepneva  3 лет назад

                                                                                "You can set him on a date with me" JDM loool

                                                                                • audreylynn
                                                                                  audreylynn  3 лет назад

                                                                                  he's my ultimate crush

                                                                                  • GalaxyTraveler
                                                                                    GalaxyTraveler  3 лет назад

                                                                                    don't do it man,'s bad fruit

                                                                                    • Deniz Kazanan
                                                                                      Deniz Kazanan  3 лет назад

                                                                                      jeffrey is there too 😂😱

                                                                                      • Carol Fagundes
                                                                                        Carol Fagundes  3 лет назад

                                                                                        I'm from Brazil, date me Jake

                                                                                        • Anthéa C.
                                                                                          Anthéa C.  3 лет назад

                                                                                          I'm sure you will find someone for him ! ^^

                                                                                          • badenry
                                                                                            badenry  3 лет назад

                                                                                            Brazilians definitely love Jake. Me included. ♡