LeBron James Says Steph Curry Is Still Underpaid | The Jump | ESPN

  • Опубликовано: 02 июля 2017
  • Amin Elhassan notes that LeBron James is the VP of the NBA Players Association, while Brian Windhorst adds that owners would prefer no max contract so they don't have to overpay mid-tier players.

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Комментарии • 726

  • lux NebuLa
    lux NebuLa  1 лет назад

    The Vice Presidenant

    • Henry Clayton
      Henry Clayton  1 лет назад

      Amin Elhassan is a far right wing predatory capitalist...

      • Champions Prod.
        Champions Prod.  1 лет назад

        LeBron Noob Then Curry😂😂

        • Taaha Siddiqui
          Taaha Siddiqui  2 лет назад

          The point at the end, that would still happen. Bum players would go to teams that have even bummier players to get that money

          • Lei Last
            Lei Last  2 лет назад

            True still lebron james unbeatable specially in salary haters bye😂😂😂

            • myron_ob7
              myron_ob7  2 лет назад

              Dude earns 201 million dollar in the couple of years! He isn't underpaid 😂

              • Noah Sanson
                Noah Sanson  2 лет назад

                If Steph Curry is underpaid, then what is LeBron?

                • Still I Rise4485
                  Still I Rise4485  2 лет назад

                  Only a rich nigga can say another rich nigga deserves more money $$$

                  • White Knight
                    White Knight  2 лет назад

                    LeBron just jealous he lost to the GSW beat his bitch ass Cavs team.

                    • dead awake3
                      dead awake3  2 лет назад

                      i say in force a strong cap. so that winning teams have it harder to remain a winning team and losing teams have it easier to become a winning team. like the nhl, the blue jackets went from worst to a playoff berth in 1 year. the leafs over the past few years also managed to get better and better and entered the playoffs. the season/playoffs are more fun with a cap. the nba is trading dynasties for the past decade. spurs, heat, warriors, lebrons new team... boring.

                      • Steven Nguyen
                        Steven Nguyen  2 лет назад

                        He is completely wrong. Enterprise value of each NBA is more a byproduct of all sports as a form of escapism. What is paid for Media Rights (National and local), Ticket sales, Ticket prices, Jersey sales, Concessions sales and endless other items that make up NBA Revenue. NBA Salary Cap is in place to make sure all teams are competitive -- big market teams can spend more by paying Luxury Tax. Under the Salary Cap, all teams can make a profit. Clippers were purchased by Donald Sterling for $12.5 MM and sold for $2 Billion -- this had little to do with CP3, Griffin, Jordan or any other player. Golden State has an enterprise value of $2.6 Billion because they are in one of the best media markets in the US. Average home in Silicon Valley is over $1 MM in value. High paying technology jobs are why the Warriors are worth what they are. The Knicks are worth $3.6 Billion -- this has little to do with their roster. Frankly, all 450 NBA players are overpaid. Carmelo Anthony is grossly overpaid -- but this does not effect the Valuation of the Knicks that much.

                        • Antonio Viloria
                          Antonio Viloria  2 лет назад

                          lebron is just fucking ..everybody thinks curry dont deserve that pay

                          • Splash
                            Splash  2 лет назад

                            Lmfao why has Lebron been kissing the Warriors ass a lot lately. You wouldn't catch Kobe, MJ, or even Steph praise the opposing team they lost to the way Lebron does...

                            • Chirayu Desai
                              Chirayu Desai  11 месяцев назад

                              Mj and kobe were assholes. No wonder they dont have nobody to hang with.

                            • Carl Almonte
                              Carl Almonte  2 лет назад

                              Because they are all friends or chill with each other in real life... Lebron knew Steph since he was in Davidson.

                              Alot of players back then are friendly with most of their rivals, it just doesnt seem like that because the game was much more physical back then so people took it more personal on the court.

                          • Rah L.
                            Rah L.  2 лет назад

                            This was an interesting discussion!

                            • mymentor
                              mymentor  2 лет назад

                              No, teachers, firemen, remote-area doctors (etc) are underpaid.  Steph Curry shoots and dribbles an inflated sphere very well.  He is substantially overpaid.

                              • Victor Sullivan
                                Victor Sullivan  2 лет назад

                                He's not wrong though. The amount of revenue Curry creates is FAR more than 40m a year. He leads the NBA in jersey sales, he's x2 MVP, he's the star of an NBA team in a high-value market, and he's changed the way people view the sport. His presence in the league probably generates 100m a year easily. He's a pure money-maker for the NBA.

                                • Tylor Sheets
                                  Tylor Sheets  2 лет назад

                                  of course LeBron worried about his check instead of winning. lame ass

                                  • Robert Lee
                                    Robert Lee  2 лет назад

                                    That means Labron you are over paid

                                    • Jetman804 ar
                                      Jetman804 ar  2 лет назад

                                      kd should get this max contract , he is the unstoppable scoring machine that handed the warriors this ring. without him they would have got they asses kicked. plus i dont know if i trust a 3 point specialist shooter in the clutch to win the game. just my opinion but it is what it is as long as everybody on the warriors people are happy.

                                      • Tony Jones
                                        Tony Jones  2 лет назад

                                        He should be paid more.

                                        • fazed out
                                          fazed out  2 лет назад

                                          well lebron ive been a cavs fan for 30 + years and you are just a disruption to the city because they cant build around you because you will leave any time sick of hearing you if curry is underpaid donate to him because you are overpaid that is sickening to hear to the blue collar working class.But you lied you did forget whete you came from

                                          • Nicks Hyper
                                            Nicks Hyper  2 лет назад

                                            Underpaid no NBA player is underpaid they are all over payed athletes

                                            • John Ash
                                              John Ash  2 лет назад

                                              100% right. They should make minimum wage. All proceeds should go to the owners. Not even sure how owners can live on some measly profits. It's about time someone has brought attention to this. We should start a non-profit to raise awareness about this.

                                          • jessesam
                                            jessesam  2 лет назад

                                            who is this fat whale bitch? get her off the fucking air...they tricked us..first they had hot women enter the sports world...and we let it cause they're hot..now they are pulling the ol okie doke on us..and slide...this fat whale on us...

                                            • DCR Guap
                                              DCR Guap  2 лет назад

                                              Lebron finna sleep good knowing the east ain't re up on shit

                                              • DCR Guap
                                                DCR Guap  2 лет назад

                                                Lebron finna sleep good knowing the east ain't re up on shit

                                                • ️GLO CitY__
                                                  ️GLO CitY__  2 лет назад

                                                  I'm not gone lie. steph curry is not worth that money. He's really just got a 3pt shot and if you take him off the warriors. He ain't hr the same player.

                                                  • John Ash
                                                    John Ash  2 лет назад

                                                    Foolish to pay them based on what-ifs. If results aren't good enough, not sure how basing it on hypothetical is any better.

                                                • LIL HONEYBUN
                                                  LIL HONEYBUN  2 лет назад

                                                  This mf curry is about to make 900k a fucken week and he's underpaid nigga gtfoh

                                                  • afiqPG
                                                    afiqPG  2 лет назад

                                                    Brian Windhorst is absolutely correct, and it's borderline elitist to demand otherwise. NBA teams has a finite amount of resources collectively, and allocating so much money to a single player will result in a significantly reduced salary for players #2-15 on EVERY team. That's why Shaq took a 25mil paycut in 2005 (31mil by today's inflation), fully knowing that it's for the greater good of the team & the league. ]http://www.espn.com/nba/columns/story?columnist=stein_marc&id=2123211

                                                    More players should try that 'sit down, be humble' juice kids are talking about now.

                                                    • Supe Hova
                                                      Supe Hova  2 лет назад

                                                      Lol Steph the best he's still happy even though he gets underpaid

                                                      • bRenegadez
                                                        bRenegadez  2 лет назад

                                                        Not even a Steph Curry hater can say that he isnt a goat shooter like lets be real he deserves every dollar he gets

                                                        • google good
                                                          google good  2 лет назад

                                                          He's just saying to this so that warriors would be short of paying another great player because curry would be overpaid.. Lebron ur just pathetic man

                                                          • Justin Lee
                                                            Justin Lee  2 лет назад

                                                            Where is this guys' neck?

                                                            • Krishna Paudel
                                                              Krishna Paudel  2 лет назад

                                                              Ya man you are correct that you said stephen curry is underpaid.......because he got lot more to do in the coming seasons,lot of champions is come home......a lot of work to put on......to be the king in an around 38-39 hahahahahahahaha

                                                              • Superman
                                                                Superman  2 лет назад

                                                                $201 Million and still underpaid? Fuck that. He makes more than enough.

                                                                • Sub Bot 4.8
                                                                  Sub Bot 4.8  2 лет назад

                                                                  The MVP of the Warriors is Zaza.He helped break some ankles.However, it went wrong for his teammate

                                                                  • youso91
                                                                    youso91  2 лет назад

                                                                    steph is batman, yes he's human but relatable.

                                                                    • Imtiaz Ahmed
                                                                      Imtiaz Ahmed  2 лет назад

                                                                      Are you fucking kidding me? These athletes get hundreds of millions to ultimately put a ball in a hole. What they do have no relevance to the progress of humanity, and yet they get paid outrageous amounts. What people need to do is wake up and realize the bullshit they are being fed and not support this nonsense.

                                                                      • Tony Jones
                                                                        Tony Jones  2 лет назад

                                                                        Lol...must be a Cavs fan.

                                                                    • Xnon Brma
                                                                      Xnon Brma  2 лет назад

                                                                      Hoi lebron u still loozer cause u never prove to the people that u r the one??? Ooo come'on lbron u need learn how to accep ur being loozeeerr,,. And u cant acccep ed that curry is better than u and u never beat him cz ur still such a loozer,. And u never be a champ without ur teamates so that u r lower paided than curry...

                                                                      • Xnon Brma
                                                                        Xnon Brma  2 лет назад

                                                                        Lebron is somuch loooozerrr bcuse he can't beat curry.... Fuck u LEBRON:*, ()((

                                                                        • Roman Reigns
                                                                          Roman Reigns  2 лет назад

                                                                          James is trying to trick Curry to leave the dubs because he is underpaid so he can go to free agency to get more. Idiot.

                                                                          • David Montgomery
                                                                            David Montgomery  2 лет назад

                                                                            He is basically getting paid to exercise, like all athletes. In no way is 200 MIL getting underpaid.

                                                                            • rayleigh8
                                                                              rayleigh8  2 лет назад

                                                                              why is this weak-minded loser talking about somebody else's money. lebron has to be part of everything that happens in the NBA or in sports, He has to rear his ugly head every time like it's about him. Doesnt this guy get enough attention?.

                                                                              • Oo7_Da Great
                                                                                Oo7_Da Great  2 лет назад

                                                                                Bron 😡

                                                                                • Da Unforgivin
                                                                                  Da Unforgivin  2 лет назад

                                                                                  Steph Curry signed five year deal,two hundred & one million with Golden State.(ALL-TIME RECORD/MOST EVER IN NBA HISTORY)

                                                                                  • Kalambre One
                                                                                    Kalambre One  2 лет назад

                                                                                    So many overpaid players who are scrubs, bums, and busts. Steph deserves more.

                                                                                    • Assier Berhane
                                                                                      Assier Berhane  2 лет назад

                                                                                      that's fucked up. if curry had to defend for a while season he woul dnt be as efficient offensively

                                                                                      • Mr Ed
                                                                                        Mr Ed  2 лет назад

                                                                                        Bron is smart, all he is saying is that Im better and bigger than Curry, so, I will and should get paid more

                                                                                        • La melma zero uno
                                                                                          La melma zero uno  2 лет назад

                                                                                          really? 201 millions for 5 yrs, what lebron wants? 700 millions for 10 yrs? lebron's crazy