Lil Uzi Vert - XO Tour Llif3 (Official Music Video)

  • Опубликовано: 04 сентября 2017
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    Lil Uzi Vert - XO Tour Llif3 (Official Music Video)
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    Directed by - Virgil Abloh

    Produced by - Off-WhiteTM Films

    Executive Producers - Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop & Lucas Prevost

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    Win a chance to celebrate the holidays with Uzi -

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  • Laila Cabrera
    Laila Cabrera  21 минут назад

    2017: nope
    2018: nope
    2019: yes

    • Laila Cabrera
      Laila Cabrera  22 минут назад

      I love this song it has a good beat

      • Laila Cabrera
        Laila Cabrera  23 минут назад

        Omg the weekend

        • Di Mario
          Di Mario  1 часов назад

          OLD video was better ....

          • retro
            retro  2 часов назад

            Language: English
            Place: France
            Subtitles: Arabic
            Hotel? Trivago

            • Anonimo 19373678
              Anonimo 19373678  3 часов назад


              • Somebody Anonym
                Somebody Anonym  4 часов назад

                I hope y'all know that the reversed Arabic subtitle is black magic lmao
                If u read it Jinns will join u

                • Drone Shot
                  Drone Shot  4 часов назад

                  The Weekend just here to Satan up the video. Nothing to see folks

                  • Lindo-mar LINDAO
                    Lindo-mar LINDAO  4 часов назад

                    Na voz do tue e mlhr kk

                    • Scene Sniper
                      Scene Sniper  5 часов назад

                      You worship satan that’s not good god will destroy you

                      • Scene Sniper
                        Scene Sniper  5 часов назад

                        Santan worship god will destroy you

                        • Servis Bereke
                          Servis Bereke  7 часов назад

                          Evil Master

                          • You Tube
                            You Tube  7 часов назад


                            • Marcus Wraith333
                              Marcus Wraith333  8 часов назад

                              You cannot convince me Lil Uzi Vert falls under a mainstream genre!💯He is an individual, unique, and does his own thing! I respect this young man a lot, I been underground legit 17 years as an independant horrorcore artist myself personally! So what if he uses autotune? He does it WELL! This song, video, also, his work, has had its own place in the depths of my SOUL, since I was candyflipping sipping that lean by the half a 2liter, smoking Ls back to back to this track in 2017! I Respect Lil Uzi Vert a lot! 💯Also, say his name 10 times fast 10 times over...its WICKED! Much credit to him from the heart of the Underground!💯💯💯🔥💨🔥💨🔥💨😈😇🙌🏻🤘🏻💸

                              • hasaNGame XD
                                hasaNGame XD  8 часов назад

                                10K. subscribers in 1 video can we did it guy's ?😎

                                • Girly Sheeny
                                  Girly Sheeny  8 часов назад

                                  Felt like this just came out but its already gonna be 2 years. At one point in my life I was just like the woman he describes in this song.

                                  • Mihail Chavdarov
                                    Mihail Chavdarov  11 часов назад


                                    • refix
                                      refix  13 часов назад

                                      Non mi importa niente se piangi?

                                      • bassam_savage21 -
                                        bassam_savage21 -  13 часов назад

                                        This shit hit never gets old

                                        • agent pee
                                          agent pee  13 часов назад

                                          is this a jojo reference

                                          • 鄭維新
                                            鄭維新  16 часов назад


                                            • Mia Mya
                                              Mia Mya  17 часов назад

                                              Yo he dead?

                                              • FinessGang T.V. Ent
                                                FinessGang T.V. Ent  19 часов назад

                                                Up and koming artist check me out

                                                • XXXZAI
                                                  XXXZAI  19 часов назад

                                                  Does uzi's music make anybody else sleepy?

                                                  • Shaulen Pascal
                                                    Shaulen Pascal  21 часов назад


                                                    • Addie Kennedy
                                                      Addie Kennedy  21 часов назад

                                                      rip 😣😣😖😖

                                                      • Emanuel Bogarin
                                                        Emanuel Bogarin  24 часов назад

                                                        What a satanic bitch😂

                                                        • társyla. tata Magalhães
                                                          társyla. tata Magalhães  1 дней назад

                                                          Negro é uma merda

                                                          • Cameron Scott
                                                            Cameron Scott  1 дней назад

                                                            is it jst me or does he look like juice wrld

                                                            • القرآن الكريم
                                                              القرآن الكريم  1 дней назад


                                                              • THE SOUTH FACE
                                                                THE SOUTH FACE  1 дней назад

                                                                For those wondering the Arabic is backwards (this is normally used for anti-god / satanic rituals)

                                                                • dodoinaa
                                                                  dodoinaa  1 дней назад

                                                                  الكلام العربي التعبان شوضعه؟

                                                                  • Jairus Bailey
                                                                    Jairus Bailey  1 дней назад

                                                                    LOOK AT THOSE VIEWS!!!!!

                                                                    • Ddd Ddd
                                                                      Ddd Ddd  1 дней назад


                                                                      • Ork Reisi
                                                                        Ork Reisi  1 дней назад

                                                                        Lil sushi wert 🤣

                                                                        • TSM_RE4DIX
                                                                          TSM_RE4DIX  1 дней назад

                                                                          You can

                                                                          • iTz Jesus CL
                                                                            iTz Jesus CL  1 дней назад


                                                                            • Roberto Quiñonez
                                                                              Roberto Quiñonez  1 дней назад


                                                                              • Rr Cff
                                                                                Rr Cff  1 дней назад


                                                                                • ga b
                                                                                  ga b  1 дней назад

                                                                                  Who's better

                                                                                  Like for Uzi

                                                                                  Comment for carti

                                                                                  • la bestia 619
                                                                                    la bestia 619  1 дней назад

                                                                                    she say baby i’m afraid to death

                                                                                    • Ian Stockwell
                                                                                      Ian Stockwell  1 дней назад


                                                                                      • Ian Stockwell
                                                                                        Ian Stockwell  1 дней назад

                                                                                        I’m not high

                                                                                        • Marten_ مارتن
                                                                                          Marten_ مارتن  1 дней назад

                                                                                          The subtitles is arabic but its upside down👆🔄👇

                                                                                          • Yoursavage bitch
                                                                                            Yoursavage bitch  1 дней назад

                                                                                            2019 ✔

                                                                                            Like this so i can remember

                                                                                            • Zhiggy
                                                                                              Zhiggy  1 дней назад

                                                                                              This song is still a video 🤘🏽😻

                                                                                              • Robin R.
                                                                                                Robin R.  1 дней назад

                                                                                                Lil uzi vert = Luzifer

                                                                                                • not Shxty
                                                                                                  not Shxty  1 дней назад

                                                                                                  one of my fav songs