Discontinued Homer Simpson Cereal Taste Test

  • Опубликовано: 25 марта 2019
  • How do you think 17-year-old Homer’s Cinnamon Donut cereal would taste? We’re about to find out!  GMMore #1510
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Комментарии • 580

  • Cute 'N Edgy Mew
    Cute 'N Edgy Mew  2 месяцев назад

    Link: *Shoves a cereal donut up his nose*

    • Kyla Nyman
      Kyla Nyman  3 месяцев назад

      I love the Simpsons ☺

      • Randal Graves
        Randal Graves  3 месяцев назад

        Road Rage isn’t cool anymore.

        But Grand Theft Auto is totally fine. 🤨

        • Dave Norman
          Dave Norman  3 месяцев назад

          2 guys that know nothing about a show talk about it for 15 minutes

          • Ixapter
            Ixapter  4 месяцев назад

            Yet another thing I most likely never would have known about if it weren't for YouTube.

            • Kimberly Paknik
              Kimberly Paknik  4 месяцев назад

              simpsons road rage for ps2 was my favorite game as a kid. it was the best, you can still get it

              • Annly P
                Annly P  4 месяцев назад

                “Bless you, son” 😂😂

                • aTROLLwithBlades
                  aTROLLwithBlades  5 месяцев назад

                  All of the Simpsons cereals were soo good. Both the the cinnamon donut and the peanut butter cereal were the best 2 cereals i ever had as a kid

                  • Kagara Fey
                    Kagara Fey  5 месяцев назад

                    I wonder if Cotton Candy Randy has a brother that wears a top hat called Dandy Candy Randy

                    • pickel has juice
                      pickel has juice  5 месяцев назад

                      They are makeing seoson 31 and 32 in 2019-2020 2020-2021

                      • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
                        Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM  5 месяцев назад

                        Even cotton candy Randy says "that's bad"😂

                        • Fast Pass
                          Fast Pass  5 месяцев назад

                          4:08 link reminds me of the Grinch here

                          • hallucigen X
                            hallucigen X  5 месяцев назад

                            Omg i have that EXACT game that was on the box lololol

                            • Lazy Fox Plays
                              Lazy Fox Plays  5 месяцев назад

                              I used to eat that cereal!!!!

                              I wasn’t sad it was discontinued.

                              • Alamo James
                                Alamo James  5 месяцев назад

                                I miss Butterfinger BBs. Remember those? They were pretty darn good!

                                • Ryman
                                  Ryman  5 месяцев назад

                                  LINK!! Your my dude but you never watched the Simpsons?!? That hurts my soul!...oh well, SEE YALL FRIDAY IN STL! You and your crew are genuinely amazing! GMM for life!
                                  Love, your sweet sweet mythical beast boy

                                  • Rman Nayr
                                    Rman Nayr  5 месяцев назад


                                    • jokerlovesquinn1
                                      jokerlovesquinn1  5 месяцев назад

                                      Listen I'm pretty disgusting but that's bad 😂😂

                                      • Cadyn Rocket
                                        Cadyn Rocket  5 месяцев назад

                                        I LOVED THIS CEREAL!!

                                        • Austin Poling
                                          Austin Poling  5 месяцев назад

                                          Simpsons road rage was the best!

                                          • Jennifer Clark
                                            Jennifer Clark  5 месяцев назад

                                            The guy on the right looks like Corey Haim with his 'Lucas' glasses.

                                            • Jlroza28
                                              Jlroza28  5 месяцев назад

                                              Is Friday cotton candy day?

                                              • Tessa Maye
                                                Tessa Maye  5 месяцев назад

                                                I hope someday someone thinks I'm as funny as Rhett thinks Randy is

                                                • Steven Gatchell
                                                  Steven Gatchell  5 месяцев назад

                                                  I loved Link's face when Rhett said the words peanut butter.

                                                  • Tim Seneca
                                                    Tim Seneca  5 месяцев назад

                                                    "HAPPY COTTON CANDY DAY DADDY'S"😍♥️😍

                                                    • Apache 404
                                                      Apache 404  5 месяцев назад

                                                      SING MY GAMER TAG, Apache helicopter coming at cha

                                                      • Galaxy Girl_love15
                                                        Galaxy Girl_love15  5 месяцев назад

                                                        The cereal is old as me😅

                                                        • Galaxy Girl_love15
                                                          Galaxy Girl_love15  5 месяцев назад

                                                          The cereal is old as me😅

                                                          • kali ward
                                                            kali ward  5 месяцев назад

                                                            Road rage was a great game btw

                                                            • Chris Davis
                                                              Chris Davis  5 месяцев назад

                                                              LOVE the random appearances of Cotton Candy Randy!! Please keep him making appearances! I love the consistent character he shows us every time!

                                                              • Tkce Cole
                                                                Tkce Cole  5 месяцев назад

                                                                OH NO Link is snorting cinnamon like kids snort smarties

                                                                • Koda jablonski
                                                                  Koda jablonski  5 месяцев назад

                                                                  This cereal is literally just Honey Nut Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch

                                                                  • Evan Okeefe
                                                                    Evan Okeefe  5 месяцев назад

                                                                    How did they not call it "Homer'O's"

                                                                    • Mrs. Beast
                                                                      Mrs. Beast  5 месяцев назад

                                                                      I’ve played that game

                                                                      • glory bee
                                                                        glory bee  5 месяцев назад

                                                                        Aw that cereal came out when I was 1

                                                                        • My name is Not sure
                                                                          My name is Not sure  5 месяцев назад

                                                                          I love that Road Rage game

                                                                          • okc405sfinest
                                                                            okc405sfinest  5 месяцев назад

                                                                            Cotton candy randy!!!

                                                                            • Arvetis
                                                                              Arvetis  5 месяцев назад

                                                                              Y'all know that botulism is real, right?

                                                                              • Albino Cadillac
                                                                                Albino Cadillac  5 месяцев назад

                                                                                I was not prepared for Randy
                                                                                At all.

                                                                                • Addison Dean
                                                                                  Addison Dean  5 месяцев назад

                                                                                  COTTON CANDY RANDYYYYYY💛💛💛💛💛

                                                                                  • DeeDee Smilez
                                                                                    DeeDee Smilez  5 месяцев назад

                                                                                    Will. We see Cotton Candy Randy on Cotton Candy Day. Dec.7th???

                                                                                    • Spencer Pretli
                                                                                      Spencer Pretli  5 месяцев назад

                                                                                      The Simpsons Hit and Run is 40x better then Road Rage

                                                                                      • [GIGA]Aqua
                                                                                        [GIGA]Aqua  5 месяцев назад

                                                                                        my school HAS the roadrage video game in the retreat

                                                                                        • sav
                                                                                          sav  5 месяцев назад

                                                                                          love that moment at 4:40 where you can see him break character for half a second and almost laugh

                                                                                          • Yung Daggerdick
                                                                                            Yung Daggerdick  5 месяцев назад

                                                                                            Simpson road rage was a dope ass game

                                                                                            • Amara  Jordan
                                                                                              Amara Jordan  5 месяцев назад

                                                                                              Honestly I’d have liked a Homer of the Iliad cereal. 😂 Have a Trojan horse, a shell for Thetis, a foot for Achilles, lol (too soon?) and even a lotus for the Lotus eaters (sure that’s not the Iliad but it’s still Homer!). That’d be awesome. 😅

                                                                                              Before you read, you have to feed, so open the box, the Iliad freed!

                                                                                              • Misty W
                                                                                                Misty W  5 месяцев назад

                                                                                                I bought that Simpson's road rage game just a year ago XD

                                                                                                • Dark Bunny The mad hatter
                                                                                                  Dark Bunny The mad hatter  5 месяцев назад

                                                                                                  Ive still got the Simpsons road rage for ps2 its so fun !!!!!!