how to create billie eilish's "bad guy"

  • Опубликовано: 14 апреля 2019
  • hello here is the easiest way to create billie eilish's song "bad guy" from scratch. yes i actually used those items to create the sounds you are hearing. i am so sorry for this

    Thank you so much for watching!

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  • SethEverman
    SethEverman   7 дней назад

    thank you so much for the support and nice comments! i guess i did the music too well, since it instantly got copyright claimed for using billie eilish's song. oh well

    • sammy4797
      sammy4797  18 часов назад


    • Lakhwinder Singh
      Lakhwinder Singh  20 часов назад

      I guess Billie owns “we are number one” then...

    • UnstoppablePhoenix
      UnstoppablePhoenix  1 дней назад

      One of the last comments on this here post woop woop

    • Vishal Farma
      Vishal Farma  1 дней назад


    • FrolicClaws
      FrolicClaws  1 дней назад

      This is probably the most liked comment by a youtuber!! Good job mate!

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez  1 минут назад

    Billie Eilish is shit

    • super hot potato
      super hot potato  1 минут назад


      • Mafalda Venes
        Mafalda Venes  2 минут назад


        • Dave Erik
          Dave Erik  4 минут назад


          • Tudor Vanilla
            Tudor Vanilla  4 минут назад

            We are number 1

            • Aziza Ahmed
              Aziza Ahmed  8 минут назад

              this is so funny but the beats are exactly like the song

              • Black Hammer Productions
                Black Hammer Productions  10 минут назад


                • YoungCoconut
                  YoungCoconut  10 минут назад

                  If Kryoz was bald

                  • SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE
                    SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE  13 минут назад

                    Same dead eye look lmao

                    • legsmadej
                      legsmadej  17 минут назад

                      so thats where my wig went. thought it went to africa.

                      turns out it just went to seth's house–

                      • SavageXgirl
                        SavageXgirl  24 минут назад

                        Wow this is amazing😂😍

                        • omgad
                          omgad  25 минут назад

                          Iiiiiii'm theeeee baaaaaaad guuuuuuyyyyy

                          • Landei TV
                            Landei TV  25 минут назад

                            I would watch it only for the we are number one at the end 😂👌

                            • Настя Миракина
                              Настя Миракина  25 минут назад


                              • Asura Game
                                Asura Game  28 минут назад

                                se solo su instagram mettessero un tuo link avresti il doppio di visualizzazioni

                                • Kevser h
                                  Kevser h  29 минут назад

                                  HUGOLA ?

                                  • Molten_ Cloud201
                                    Molten_ Cloud201  29 минут назад

                                    Just do more of this, Its a must

                                    • izzy burton
                                      izzy burton  30 минут назад

                                      HOW HE TRANSITIONS INTO WE ARE NUMBER ONE MAKES ME CRY

                                      • Fetch 11
                                        Fetch 11  30 минут назад

                                        The captions tho

                                        • Techedcloud 75
                                          Techedcloud 75  32 минут назад

                                          I love when you say duh

                                          • Jiggle Mahballs
                                            Jiggle Mahballs  38 минут назад

                                            I lost my mind at the couch part

                                            • Ihatemyselfsadface:c Pham
                                              Ihatemyselfsadface:c Pham  40 минут назад


                                              • Arvid Johansson
                                                Arvid Johansson  43 минут назад

                                                I cried my eyes out when you smacked that couch laugh 😂

                                                • MilitaryWikia
                                                  MilitaryWikia  44 минут назад

                                                  You won’t regret to read the subtittles

                                                  • HavoK Gaming
                                                    HavoK Gaming  46 минут назад

                                                    It ended to soon... Full version coming soon?

                                                    • Joshua wilson
                                                      Joshua wilson  48 минут назад

                                                      hey it's ghostemane

                                                      • jeepercreepers9
                                                        jeepercreepers9  48 минут назад

                                                        How dare you just download the song and put it in your video?

                                                        • Nessy Boi
                                                          Nessy Boi  49 минут назад

                                                          We are number one was what i hear at the end

                                                          • CrystalClown96
                                                            CrystalClown96  55 минут назад

                                                            I’m so mad at the we are number one reference 0:40 😂

                                                            • l l
                                                              l l  57 минут назад


                                                              • Sniper !i
                                                                Sniper !i  57 минут назад

                                                                THIS NEEDS AN AWARD HOLY SHIT

                                                                Sarcasm!!!!! Lol its atually cool

                                                                • Samuel peinado
                                                                  Samuel peinado  58 минут назад

                                                                  Jajajajaja te mamaste. Pero estuvo buena.

                                                                  • R A C I
                                                                    R A C I  1 часов назад

                                                                    i Love you

                                                                    • Márton Olajos
                                                                      Márton Olajos  1 часов назад

                                                                      The best thing about this are tge faces (and the music)

                                                                      • THEAmAdeusS 15
                                                                        THEAmAdeusS 15  1 часов назад

                                                                        You're Ghostemane?

                                                                        • Tom Walsh
                                                                          Tom Walsh  1 часов назад

                                                                          Please don’t seduce my dad Seth

                                                                          • joeis007
                                                                            joeis007  1 часов назад

                                                                            Fucking love this video cause of the ending

                                                                            • Катюша Катерина
                                                                              Катюша Катерина  1 часов назад


                                                                              • Jaydon Ruble
                                                                                Jaydon Ruble  1 часов назад

                                                                                This is my 4th time here😂😂, 2 good

                                                                                • Obsidian Aensland
                                                                                  Obsidian Aensland  1 часов назад


                                                                                  billie eilish-bad guy


                                                                                  crash bandcoot main theme

                                                                                  • Lucy Lemon
                                                                                    Lucy Lemon  1 часов назад

                                                                                    somehow i keep coming back to this video

                                                                                    • Gifost
                                                                                      Gifost  1 часов назад


                                                                                      • Did I hear tea ???
                                                                                        Did I hear tea ???  1 часов назад

                                                                                        The “duh” gives me life 😂

                                                                                        • Elise Von Adler
                                                                                          Elise Von Adler  1 часов назад

                                                                                          Turn on the subtitules😂

                                                                                          • Gamer Moment
                                                                                            Gamer Moment  1 часов назад

                                                                                            Lmao the subtitles

                                                                                            • Black Knight
                                                                                              Black Knight  1 часов назад

                                                                                              I ignored this video a few times... and it's actually pretty interesting..

                                                                                              • •Mɪᴛsᴜᴋᴏ FɴᴀFʜs •
                                                                                                •Mɪᴛsᴜᴋᴏ FɴᴀFʜs •  2 часов назад