Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

  • Опубликовано: 14 марта 2019
  • Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.

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Комментарии • 254 584

    BEAST GAMING  2 минут назад


    • Nemanja Savic
      Nemanja Savic  13 минут назад

      Iron man dies!!!!

      • Pratik Patel
        Pratik Patel  13 минут назад

        Rdj I love u 3000<

        • Steve :D
          Steve :D  24 минут назад

          Move on....he is not coming back.

          • Vinzy
            Vinzy  38 минут назад

            This is how big the tributes are to the Original Avengers

            • REAL NOOB 49
              REAL NOOB 49  50 минут назад

              Well that would make you need to pee badly

              • Preston Alonz
                Preston Alonz  55 минут назад

                *SPOILER ALERT*

                Doctor Strange = Spare Tony’s life

                Tony Stark = **SPARE

                Bonus comment:

                Roses are red
                Violets are blue
                I like my comment
                And so must *YOU*

                • Sabrim Anik
                  Sabrim Anik  1 часов назад

                  Love marvel movies

                  • Rabbi Hasan
                    Rabbi Hasan  1 часов назад

                    Irom man will return I think 😊😊

                    • Mathunder Thunder
                      Mathunder Thunder  1 часов назад

                      The film is beautiful

                      • LeProxenetez
                        LeProxenetez  2 часов назад

                        I'm going to see it again in 20 minutes...see ya!

                        • Thanos The cute guy
                          Thanos The cute guy  2 часов назад

                          I have a question for the director
                          Thanos kills all the asguardians in the opening scene of Infinity war..
                          Then how are they alive in the end game...

                          • Smashy Bro
                            Smashy Bro  49 минут назад

                            Thor said in infinity war that thanos killed half of all the asgardians on the ship so some lived and went to earth

                        • Mohammad
                          Mohammad  3 часов назад

                          can u upload the film please

                          • game stud
                            game stud  3 часов назад

                            Finally a human saved the entire universe...I love you 3000

                            • rzx._ 3
                              rzx._ 3  3 часов назад

                              Y’all realize that Steve, nat and tony are the only ones saying whatever takes, tony and nat die and Steve becomes old

                              • Smashy Bro
                                Smashy Bro  48 минут назад

                                Clint Barton/Hawkeye also said it but yeah I realized that

                            • Nandini Jaggavarapu
                              Nandini Jaggavarapu  4 часов назад

                              Most ppl thought that Captain Marvel was going to destroy Thanos, but at the end it all comes back to Iron Man.

                              • Aditya More
                                Aditya More  4 часов назад

                                Thanos : I'm Inevitable

                                Deadpool : No you're Cable

                                • LEGEND _65
                                  LEGEND _65  4 часов назад

                                  Marvel's The Avengers: Avengers Assemble
                                  Avengers Age of Ultron:Like the old man said Together
                                  Avengers Infinity War: Wakanda Forever
                                  Avengers Endgame: Avengers Assemble

                                  • The Salty Potatoe
                                    The Salty Potatoe  4 часов назад

                                    After the billion times I saw the trailer finally found it in my recommended feed

                                    • WillyRex xddd
                                      WillyRex xddd  4 часов назад

                                      1:57 Why it feels so satisfactory to me hear this part

                                      • Sankalp Mukherjee
                                        Sankalp Mukherjee  4 часов назад

                                        Hello Everyone who come here again just to relive the movie AGAIN

                                        • Joan RD
                                          Joan RD  4 часов назад

                                          Batman dies!!!

                                          • Chuy DaKid
                                            Chuy DaKid  5 часов назад


                                            • Shail Shah
                                              Shail Shah  5 часов назад

                                              1:58-2:08 that background music 😍😍

                                              • Rishi Thakre
                                                Rishi Thakre  5 часов назад

                                                Love the movie you watch!!
                                                Watch the movie you love!!

                                                • Introverted Bookkeeper
                                                  Introverted Bookkeeper  5 часов назад

                                                  The only trailer that doesn't tell the plot of the movie

                                                  • Pooping melvine
                                                    Pooping melvine  5 часов назад

                                                    My ex: move on
                                                    Me: not us

                                                    • Reese Marie
                                                      Reese Marie  5 часов назад

                                                      I don’t know which I like more, Avatar or Endgame......

                                                      • Iron fudger Stark
                                                        Iron fudger Stark  6 часов назад

                                                        I wish theaters had 5 minute pause button so that we could have a toilet break

                                                        • Press Play
                                                          Press Play  6 часов назад

                                                          *we’re in the Endgame now*

                                                          We’re in Fortnite S9

                                                          • Sourav Banerjee
                                                            Sourav Banerjee  6 часов назад

                                                            A great trailer

                                                            • Abhishek Anand
                                                              Abhishek Anand  6 часов назад

                                                              Year 2050: Son i was there .... to witness the greatest film of all time

                                                              • Luisito Mateo
                                                                Luisito Mateo  7 часов назад

                                                                spoiler alert ant man go's
                                                                To tanos bat 😂😂😂

                                                                • Erick Prado
                                                                  Erick Prado  8 часов назад

                                                                  Is it weird that the trailer has less views compared to infinity war

                                                                  • Dorothy Flores
                                                                    Dorothy Flores  8 часов назад

                                                                    I love it 3000 for ever♡♡♡

                                                                    • ccandac
                                                                      ccandac  8 часов назад

                                                                      Someone tell me I’m wrong that this is basically history in the making

                                                                      • eric chungus
                                                                        eric chungus  8 часов назад

                                                                        oh we didn’t even know what was coming

                                                                        • Retro Chameleon
                                                                          Retro Chameleon  8 часов назад

                                                                          0:33, “none of us can go back”
                                                                          Iron man, hulk, and ant man: hold our 🍺

                                                                          • wow fan
                                                                            wow fan  9 часов назад

                                                                            Thanos: "I used the stones to destroy the stones"

                                                                            • Stogie2112
                                                                              Stogie2112  9 часов назад

                                                                              They're reduced to atoms, but they still exist. Maybe someday, someone will reintegrate them.

                                                                          • I drink Water
                                                                            I drink Water  9 часов назад


                                                                            • shivam soni
                                                                              shivam soni  11 часов назад

                                                                              I love marvel 😍😍😍😍 I love Avenger's

                                                                              • Piroj Muangthong
                                                                                Piroj Muangthong  11 часов назад

                                                                                I cant believe they're eliminating Black Widow

                                                                                • favovr Samson
                                                                                  favovr Samson  11 часов назад

                                                                                  we need iron man back

                                                                                  • Никита Коровкин
                                                                                    Никита Коровкин  11 часов назад

                                                                                    I cant stop watching clips and trailers after Endgame

                                                                                    • Stogie2112
                                                                                      Stogie2112  11 часов назад

                                                                                      No one wants to admit that it's all over. 😟😟😟

                                                                                  • Santiago Mireles
                                                                                    Santiago Mireles  12 часов назад

                                                                                    I think that the fragments from the old movies were a hint of time travel

                                                                                    • Sohan Reddy
                                                                                      Sohan Reddy  12 часов назад

                                                                                      1:36 that scream fit so perfectly with the music though
                                                                                      I LOVE YOU 3000 ♥️

                                                                                      • Ржачный чел
                                                                                        Ржачный чел  12 часов назад

                                                                                        Guys from chat.
                                                                                        Do you see Avengers Endgame Belarusian Trailer?

                                                                                        • Aweis slayz 1
                                                                                          Aweis slayz 1  12 часов назад

                                                                                          But the work is done it always will be ...I am inevitable