How I ACTUALLY Start My Morning | 2018 Morning Routine | Doctor Mike

  • Опубликовано: 11 ноября 2018
  • Hey, Everyone! Here is my updated morning routine since a lot has changed now that I’ve completed my residency and have my new puppy Bear in my life. Thanks to Lenovo for this paid partnership! #Ad #LenovoSmartDisplay

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    If there’s something interesting about your morning routine that you’d like to share with me, leave a comment below. Also, If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously.

    We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series soon so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!

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  • Gianna Grech
    Gianna Grech  13 часов назад

    Did anyone Realize his shirt was inside out at the beginning

    • Sophocles SHOUTS!!!!!!
      Sophocles SHOUTS!!!!!!  1 дней назад

      My dentist looks exactly like 2018 Mike.

      • Lmao O
        Lmao O  1 дней назад

        So... you do 30 minutes of intense interval training, then just do your hair? Maybe throw a shower in there bro

        • domainlol
          domainlol  1 дней назад

          Look, we already know you eat hambugers in the morning, you don't have to hide it anymore, Doctor Mike

          • the sims player
            the sims player  1 дней назад

            Something thats wierd to mein my mornings: I wake at 6:30 a.m. (or max. 5 min. After, which is wierd cause most people dont wake up when they're supposed to)

            • CARDO Tv
              CARDO Tv  2 дней назад

              What vehicle is that?

              • a cUrE fOr tAehYuNg'S cUp oF tEa
                a cUrE fOr tAehYuNg'S cUp oF tEa  2 дней назад

                Awww... That doggoooo is so cuteeeeee

                • Scull Hunter Gamer
                  Scull Hunter Gamer  2 дней назад

                  Why some you Nike ride while walking the dog

                  • Galaxy Slyveon
                    Galaxy Slyveon  2 дней назад

                    I just like to sit in silence when I wake up. No loud noises. No talking. Just hot water boiling and silence

                    • Heather Devine
                      Heather Devine  2 дней назад

                      Dr Mike: When I wake up...

                      • beyblader Alfred
                        beyblader Alfred  3 дней назад

                        1:36 when Mike said good morning Google my Google assistant responded

                        • smriti negi
                          smriti negi  3 дней назад

                          Doctors are also hot....
                          Hence proved♥️

                          • I Love Video Games Again
                            I Love Video Games Again  3 дней назад

                            I like my waterpik in the AM as well...I noticed that since I started using that first in the AM followed by drinking filtered water my GERD went away

                            • Brandy Moniquee
                              Brandy Moniquee  3 дней назад

                              He’s so fine ! Omgggg 🙀🙀

                              • Ashley Varela
                                Ashley Varela  4 дней назад

                                What happened to the other puppy

                                • Fariba Rafati
                                  Fariba Rafati  5 дней назад

                                  Turn off the tab while you're bushing your Teath please

                                  • Dr. Malika Jain
                                    Dr. Malika Jain  5 дней назад

                                    Your smile ❤️❤️❤️

                                    • LVB_Vloging Studios
                                      LVB_Vloging Studios  5 дней назад

                                      Who needs a wife of you have google 😂😂😂

                                      • Kristin Larsson
                                        Kristin Larsson  5 дней назад

                                        At what time do you start work? 😮 Still at home at 7,02, I'm a bit jealous

                                        • the cool guy
                                          the cool guy  5 дней назад

                                          when you forget how to make microwave oat meal...

                                          • jomarick saldua
                                            jomarick saldua  5 дней назад

                                            Okay sorry, I don't know if i am crazy but is it just me or I'm seeing that your shirt is reversed?!🤔

                                            • Kennedy Harris
                                              Kennedy Harris  5 дней назад

                                              You activated my Google Home! lol!
                                              Edit: Now she started looking up recipes lol
                                              Edit 2: She's trying to send me to work!
                                              Edit 3: "You're better than a broken clock because you're right more than twice a day." Burn? Aww? I'm not sure how to feel about that compliment.

                                              • Fatima Zubair
                                                Fatima Zubair  6 дней назад

                                                I was wondering where his glasses were

                                                • shaurya kumar
                                                  shaurya kumar  7 дней назад

                                                  Where's your husky

                                                  • Melanie C
                                                    Melanie C  7 дней назад

                                                    Dr. Mike: open your window as soon as you wake up to get natural light
                                                    Me: Wakes up at 4:00 AM

                                                    • frank frank
                                                      frank frank  1 недель назад

                                                      What dog food do you use

                                                      • rollie de pablo
                                                        rollie de pablo  1 недель назад

                                                        I just realized that I was watching a 7 minute ad.

                                                        • Sowda Mohamed
                                                          Sowda Mohamed  1 недель назад

                                                          Give me a shout-out

                                                          • Gaming Potatoe
                                                            Gaming Potatoe  1 недель назад

                                                            My morning routine is very stupid, literally consists of waking up eating a banana having a cup of water and back to sleep again 😂

                                                            • Leonardo Morales
                                                              Leonardo Morales  1 недель назад

                                                              Delicious oatmeal

                                                              • manishapoojary7
                                                                manishapoojary7  1 недель назад

                                                                Luke frm modern family hv same style as u.....

                                                                • J.H. Miretskay
                                                                  J.H. Miretskay  1 недель назад

                                                                  Bro, that microwave oatmeal is a disappointment and looks grosser than dog food. Have a "Turkish breakfast": Eggs, cheese, olives, fruits, nuts, coffee. Takes 2-5 minutes to prepare, is portable, and will keep you full until dinner.

                                                                  • NBD null
                                                                    NBD null  2 недель назад

                                                                    Hopefully I will be also afford some things become independent one day

                                                                    • Nannie Love
                                                                      Nannie Love  2 недель назад

                                                                      Do you drink wine ?

                                                                      • Nannie Love
                                                                        Nannie Love  2 недель назад

                                                                        I make my bed as soon as I get out of it !!

                                                                        • TonyGaytanM
                                                                          TonyGaytanM  2 недель назад

                                                                          Anyone else's Google assistant keep going off throughout this video? Lol

                                                                          • Bogdan Iorga
                                                                            Bogdan Iorga  2 недель назад

                                                                            That view, though!

                                                                            • aadarsh poudel
                                                                              aadarsh poudel  2 недель назад

                                                                              Reacting on morning routine of Dr mike by young nepali youtuber check it out

                                                                              • Trevor Kimber
                                                                                Trevor Kimber  2 недель назад

                                                                                Is the r8 v8 or v10

                                                                                • ALKA Parackattu
                                                                                  ALKA Parackattu  2 недель назад

                                                                                  Do you really wake up at 5 : 30 am daily??😲😲

                                                                                  • Yatanise Gmail
                                                                                    Yatanise Gmail  2 недель назад

                                                                                    You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen I swear to GOD.

                                                                                    • OpeRAIDER646Jr
                                                                                      OpeRAIDER646Jr  2 недель назад

                                                                                      The first thing I do is sit there on my bed just wondering WHYYYYYYY

                                                                                      • Romj Ilonggo
                                                                                        Romj Ilonggo  2 недель назад

                                                                                        One thing I like is the google very useful. Your video for me is a fantastic. I wish to be happy like you men 😂! 1 thing I like too wear ing blue scrubsuit 😁

                                                                                        • Jdhd Hdhd
                                                                                          Jdhd Hdhd  2 недель назад

                                                                                          Dr Mike: open the shades

                                                                                          Me: *has a room with a window but it’s blocked by other buildings*....

                                                                                          • renae nisbet
                                                                                            renae nisbet  2 недель назад

                                                                                            Omg ... all that before he goes to work ... thats my whole day. What time did he wake up? ......

                                                                                            • Maya Diab
                                                                                              Maya Diab  2 недель назад

                                                                                              His house and the view he has is beautiful

                                                                                              • iSophieOreo
                                                                                                iSophieOreo  2 недель назад

                                                                                                How can I get the natural light if the sun isn't even awake yet?

                                                                                                • GachaPotato KPLANat
                                                                                                  GachaPotato KPLANat  2 недель назад

                                                                                                  5:17 Nice transition! Tik Tok officially loves you lol