Try Not to Laugh! | Remaking Intense Star Wars Scenes!!

  • Опубликовано: 29 декабря 2018
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    Hey guys! What did you think of our acting skills in this don't laugh challenge? What other famous scenes should we recreate? Let us know down below!

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Комментарии • 4 922

  • Shatha A
    Shatha A  8 месяцев назад

    I don’t like Star Wars but I like this

  • Clonearmy Roger Roger
    Clonearmy Roger Roger  4 часов назад

    Make clone scenes

    • jiminie's jamzzz Manu.
      jiminie's jamzzz Manu.  10 часов назад

      When I saw the thumbnail at first glance I thought Joey was dressed as Loki 😜

      • Lucy MacLellan
        Lucy MacLellan  13 часов назад

        Why did Bobby do all the girl parts?

        • Landon Finger
          Landon Finger  1 дней назад

          I was made for this video, why wasn’t I in it

          • Trooper FILMS
            Trooper FILMS  4 дней назад

            I love Star Wars but this is better

            • Mena Gonda
              Mena Gonda  4 дней назад

              1:29 😁😁

              • unicorn blossom
                unicorn blossom  5 дней назад

                This is so dum. And why is Bobby a girl. Dose he sound like a girl. Or WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT

                • Micah F
                  Micah F  6 дней назад

                  I lost when Bobby goes uh ew when J-Fred took off the mask!😂😂😂

                  • gameing lion
                    gameing lion  1 недель назад

                    You should’ve used Sam as ray or Maria

                    • Josh caraway
                      Josh caraway  1 недель назад

                      This is soooo lit

                      • Guppie Fish
                        Guppie Fish  1 недель назад

                        Joey made Brian laugh in scene 2 so it's 16 to 15 to 16 tied Bobby and jfred. 4:02

                        • Cash Hicks
                          Cash Hicks  1 недель назад

                          Can you do more of this it mad me laugh 😂

                          • ashupashu
                            ashupashu  1 недель назад

                            I think if Team Edge could hold their composure better they could be top-notch actors.

                            • Redfallout R
                              Redfallout R  1 недель назад

                              This acting was better than the original movie 🤣🤣🤣

                              • Christian Oliver
                                Christian Oliver  1 недель назад

                                If you think about it is kinda obvious that the winner would have been Joey or bobby because they were in all 3

                                • Kylie Taylor
                                  Kylie Taylor  1 недель назад

                                  oh my god that was amazing !!!

                                  • PusheencatAsh2 _YT
                                    PusheencatAsh2 _YT  1 недель назад

                                    I was laughing so much whilst watching this XD and bobby was the best

                                    • Katie Blair
                                      Katie Blair  2 недель назад

                                      I love this!

                                      • Hector Ramirez
                                        Hector Ramirez  2 недель назад


                                        • Thomas Evans
                                          Thomas Evans  2 недель назад

                                          They all proper commited

                                          • Chia Thao
                                            Chia Thao  2 недель назад

                                            Lol I’m laughing the whole Video🤣😂

                                            • OrigamiGirl95
                                              OrigamiGirl95  2 недель назад

                                              So...cringey! XD

                                              • leojun2
                                                leojun2  2 недель назад

                                                Please do Avengers next!

                                                • francis bryne caguioa
                                                  francis bryne caguioa  2 недель назад

                                                  J fred yhe jirrafe

                                                  • UnicornStudios24
                                                    UnicornStudios24  2 недель назад

                                                    After the first act I cringed so hard lol no hate tho

                                                    • pikachu magic Lopez Estrada
                                                      pikachu magic Lopez Estrada  2 недель назад

                                                      That was funny and cringy

                                                      • Anna Scott
                                                        Anna Scott  2 недель назад

                                                        I will never look at Star Wars the same way ever again 😂😂😂

                                                        • Arctic Destroyer 1.0
                                                          Arctic Destroyer 1.0  2 недель назад

                                                          Future actors?

                                                          • 4PV Miller Kids
                                                            4PV Miller Kids  2 недель назад

                                                            Bobby’s good

                                                            • Denial
                                                              Denial  2 недель назад

                                                              Bryan as Obi Wan I dig it

                                                              • T Markle
                                                                T Markle  2 недель назад

                                                                6:59 Imposter!

                                                                • Nusrat Aparna
                                                                  Nusrat Aparna  2 недель назад

                                                                  you guys are great actors

                                                                  • Emma Le
                                                                    Emma Le  2 недель назад

                                                                    Bobby is SO good, he should win an oscar😂

                                                                    • Angie Risner
                                                                      Angie Risner  3 недель назад

                                                                      Bryan should've been Anakin and j-fred should've been obi-wan.

                                                                      • İbrahim efe Özer
                                                                        İbrahim efe Özer  3 недель назад

                                                                        Hey guys you can do a Avengers edision of this

                                                                        • Gacha Kween
                                                                          Gacha Kween  3 недель назад

                                                                          Bobby x Joey

                                                                          • Delany Lemus
                                                                            Delany Lemus  3 недель назад

                                                                            😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 SO FUNNY

                                                                            • Delany Lemus
                                                                              Delany Lemus  3 недель назад


                                                                              • Elite P00P 2.0
                                                                                Elite P00P 2.0  3 недель назад

                                                                                Bro this is so good
                                                                                You can't tell the difference between this and the movie
                                                                                And Bryan is really good and Kenobi

                                                                                • AKA KHavens
                                                                                  AKA KHavens  3 недель назад

                                                                                  You lie Bobby!!!! I have seen those vids 😂😂

                                                                                  • Thebossfish360 Hoi
                                                                                    Thebossfish360 Hoi  3 недель назад

                                                                                    Man the prequel’s were terrible

                                                                                    • I like to play Video games
                                                                                      I like to play Video games  3 недель назад

                                                                                      It would be really realistic to the movie if it wasn’t for all the laughing

                                                                                      • Charles Studenski
                                                                                        Charles Studenski  3 недель назад

                                                                                        I love watching Bobby being padame

                                                                                        • Annabelle Dean
                                                                                          Annabelle Dean  3 недель назад

                                                                                          Oh my gosh the padme and anakin scene was the best.

                                                                                          • Alan Teeter
                                                                                            Alan Teeter  3 недель назад

                                                                                            who else was laughing as soon as they saw the thumbnail.

                                                                                            • shane honeycutt
                                                                                              shane honeycutt  3 недель назад

                                                                                              Bobby wins give him a like as patamay

                                                                                              • jvalterra
                                                                                                jvalterra  3 недель назад


                                                                                                Why no likes😭😭😭😭😭