Pop Rocks Taste Test (All Flavors)

  • Опубликовано: 25 апреля 2019
  • Which Pop Rocks flavor is the best?  GMMore #1533
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Комментарии • 857

  • TheIkaika777
    TheIkaika777  12 часов назад

    I remember when Pop Rocks came out, it was 1975.

    • neversaygoodbye
      neversaygoodbye  6 дней назад

      “There it is!” 😂😂
      Rhett’s eyes were watering from his joke 😂😂

      • Allyson Montgomery
        Allyson Montgomery  7 дней назад

        10:58 Link: **dies**

        • aarockw123
          aarockw123  2 недель назад

          Who else is here from youresoloud?

          • aarockw123
            aarockw123  2 недель назад

            Who else is here from youresoloud?

            • TheBeastyBoy 99
              TheBeastyBoy 99  2 недель назад

              1:30 you’ll know why I made this comment

              • Henry Watterworth
                Henry Watterworth  2 недель назад

                This is by far one of my favorite episodes ever. The 10 word story carried the whole show. Beautiful. That 10 word story needs to be a quote for a bumper sticker. Awesome!

                • ProTheGrammer
                  ProTheGrammer  3 недель назад

                  I always thought he said boot

                  • Octavio Krasnoselsky
                    Octavio Krasnoselsky  3 недель назад

                    -Do you like that, Ben?

                    • Scott Caslow
                      Scott Caslow  3 недель назад

                      Anyone else here from youresoloud? :)

                      • silverjetplane
                        silverjetplane  3 недель назад

                        Here to understand Kiki's new video hehe

                        • Jordan Mann
                          Jordan Mann  3 недель назад

                          @yoursoloud now I understand lol

                          • Alex is a Catch NOT
                            Alex is a Catch NOT  3 недель назад

                            I love this episode so much 😂😂

                            • Panda Playz
                              Panda Playz  3 недель назад

                              I thought it was hilarious bringing up the sniffing his signature

                              • Gabby H
                                Gabby H  3 недель назад

                                Anybody here after watching the new youresoloud video? 🙋🏼‍♀️

                                • Adalwolfa
                                  Adalwolfa  3 недель назад

                                  Who's here from youresoloud's latest montage?🙋‍♀️

                                • Mariaalej
                                  Mariaalej  3 недель назад

                                  i definitely will come up big when i sign something

                                  • Julie West
                                    Julie West  1 месяцев назад

                                    I love Poprocks, not cherry though. They are always my favorite road trip snack, though some places they are hard to find. Love this video.

                                    • Dustin Dawind
                                      Dustin Dawind  1 месяцев назад

                                      Don't stop,
                                      make it pop
                                      DJ, blow my speakers up

                                      • Sleepingsparklegirl
                                        Sleepingsparklegirl  1 месяцев назад

                                        The cotton candy pop rock is the best.

                                        • Nicole Reed
                                          Nicole Reed  2 месяцев назад

                                          Man GMMore is always such a mess but I love it 😂😂

                                          • Bita Nezam
                                            Bita Nezam  2 месяцев назад

                                            I just love it so much when I watch you guys having fun, even with something as ridiculous as "signing signatures"!! Be like this, always.<3
                                            P.S. Your friendship is gold.

                                            • faz gd
                                              faz gd  2 месяцев назад

                                              The most hilarious episode of GMMore... 🤣🤣🤣

                                              • Mae Kathleen
                                                Mae Kathleen  2 месяцев назад

                                                Laughed so much at this 😂

                                                • SunshineChoiYoungjae
                                                  SunshineChoiYoungjae  2 месяцев назад

                                                  25 seconds in and I already knew this episode was going to be a lot

                                                  • Nigel Cooper
                                                    Nigel Cooper  3 месяцев назад

                                                    10:50 Rhett's joke was the cake. And Link's reaction, the icing. Yummy.

                                                    • oindrila roy
                                                      oindrila roy  3 месяцев назад

                                                      Undoubtedly one of the best More.. so many times I've come back to watch this and still laugh as the first time..😂😂😂

                                                      • L C
                                                        L C  3 месяцев назад

                                                        I still devolve into giggles when the concept of smelling your own signature and then coming up big pops back into my head

                                                        • Srinivas Gajjela
                                                          Srinivas Gajjela  3 месяцев назад

                                                          you guys look like you are snorting pop rocks

                                                          • Micha
                                                            Micha  3 месяцев назад

                                                            I had to sign a detention slip today and I smelled it after I signed it

                                                          • gmark
                                                            gmark  3 месяцев назад


                                                            • Ebjeb
                                                              Ebjeb  3 месяцев назад

                                                              Now this is EPIC!

                                                              • Emmie Eats
                                                                Emmie Eats  3 месяцев назад

                                                                Okay I’m rewatching this 😂😂😂

                                                                • xm11
                                                                  xm11  3 месяцев назад

                                                                  Non toxic Sharpee for Link during the autograph sessions...

                                                                  • Jess Danielle
                                                                    Jess Danielle  3 месяцев назад

                                                                    I'm surprised Rhett didn't smell up any of those pop rocks on the table 😂😂

                                                                    • Directioner315
                                                                      Directioner315  3 месяцев назад

                                                                      It sounded like he said hoe instead of hole
                                                                      Last time we did this you got a hoe in your stomach

                                                                      • Directioner315
                                                                        Directioner315  3 месяцев назад

                                                                        I won't sign it or smell it but I will come up big 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I'm dying

                                                                        • j hopes sprite
                                                                          j hopes sprite  3 месяцев назад

                                                                          Cant wait to see this in az yoursoloud video

                                                                        • irThumper
                                                                          irThumper  3 месяцев назад

                                                                          They look like they're snorting Poprocks, omg.... :P

                                                                          • ZOD4
                                                                            ZOD4  3 месяцев назад

                                                                            This was so funny. I miss this kind of randomness from childhood. Thanks for the laughs! <3

                                                                            • Lazarus Zoolander
                                                                              Lazarus Zoolander  3 месяцев назад

                                                                              Gave my girlfriend a tasty explosion last night.....hayooo!

                                                                              • Morgan Stone
                                                                                Morgan Stone  3 месяцев назад

                                                                                I care a LOT about Pop Rocks

                                                                                • AwesomeCat2012
                                                                                  AwesomeCat2012  3 месяцев назад

                                                                                  This was a good one, guys! I had to pause the video and wipe tears of laughter from my eyes!

                                                                                  • sarajo godo
                                                                                    sarajo godo  3 месяцев назад

                                                                                    I laughed so hard

                                                                                    • Richelle Roth
                                                                                      Richelle Roth  3 месяцев назад

                                                                                      I think this is my favorite MORE. From the start, your just couldn’t get over your 10 word story and I’m here for it!

                                                                                      • Heather Graham
                                                                                        Heather Graham  4 месяцев назад

                                                                                        It’s impossible to frown eating Pop Rocks

                                                                                        • Jeremy Smith
                                                                                          Jeremy Smith  4 месяцев назад

                                                                                          Literally cry laughing at 2am

                                                                                          • nikki noa
                                                                                            nikki noa  4 месяцев назад

                                                                                            Rhett: “big. Is. My. Signature. M o v e.”
                                                                                            Lol oh
                                                                                            “When I smell my bignature”