FRIEND REQUEST (2017) Ending Explained

  • Опубликовано: 18 января 2018
  • Evil is trending in this Ending Explained for the Facebook supernatural horror movie Friend Request.

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Комментарии • 20 064

  • Arthur Johnston
    Arthur Johnston  1 дней назад

    Now you have 1.46M subs!! Congrats!!

    • Dead Rose
      Dead Rose  1 дней назад

      I think this is way cheaper than going to the theatre that’s going to cost 10 bucks and make the popcorn and soda expensive. I’d rather buy store popcorn and soda that I do t have to share and watch foundflix.

      • Svinja
        Svinja  2 дней назад

        I’d like to see a marina fuck with someone’s fax machine

        • Noah Swartout
          Noah Swartout  2 дней назад

          This video was hilarious

          • Leonardo Benavidez
            Leonardo Benavidez  2 дней назад


            • YAHSuN
              YAHSuN  3 дней назад


              • Yunior Gamboa
                Yunior Gamboa  3 дней назад

                I wonder if Maria prefer mac or windows...

                • Anya Vlad
                  Anya Vlad  3 дней назад

                  Yes, internet is dangerous ..I've been getting attacked by your channel for several days now..😪

                  • Elivia Ortiz
                    Elivia Ortiz  3 дней назад

                    “Never look at anybody ever” 😂😂 genius life lesson

                    • Marcus Reading
                      Marcus Reading  4 дней назад

                      Iiii find it hard to believe that Marina has no friends at all. While creepy and not my thing, that work of hers was impressive and there are sure to be people with some interest in it. I have a feeling that the creators of this movie have no idea how socual media actually works.

                      • TDA PHOTOGRAPHY
                        TDA PHOTOGRAPHY  5 дней назад

                        funny shit

                        • XxUniLizzyxX XxUniLizzyxX
                          XxUniLizzyxX XxUniLizzyxX  6 дней назад

                          *I NEED A SEQUEL TO THIS LIKE THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDFAY THO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

                          • iphone sucks
                            iphone sucks  6 дней назад


                            • Templar Knight
                              Templar Knight  1 недель назад

                              Moral of the story, If some weird shit happens on social media then delete It and live your life free from weirdos.

                              • Robert Halbert
                                Robert Halbert  1 недель назад

                                How did they know she committed suicide if they didn't find her body

                                • Laurem
                                  Laurem  1 недель назад

                                  Nice, using a real impulse disorder that millions of people have for pure shock value. Thanks Hollywood.

                                  • greyhawk
                                    greyhawk  1 недель назад

                                    With the art and animations on Marina's profile... How is this chick not popular? There are plenty of people who love dark shit and would think it's just her art or Photoshop, and think she's a fucking prodigy.

                                    • Arjay Lisud
                                      Arjay Lisud  2 недель назад

                                      Shes a

                                      *COMPUTER WITCH*

                                      • Sleepy Eyes
                                        Sleepy Eyes  2 недель назад

                                        The following count might have been her time alive?

                                        • chad mahan
                                          chad mahan  2 недель назад

                                          woo! more "unfriended" stuff

                                          • Flirty Busan
                                            Flirty Busan  2 недель назад

                                            this is one of the few netflix horror movies i actually like

                                            • Alex Barajas
                                              Alex Barajas  2 недель назад

                                              I’ve been wanting an ending explained of the witch only to now realize he put up a vote for it and y’all really chose babadook 🙂

                                              • Blight
                                                Blight  2 недель назад

                                                I don’t even think unfriended is bad

                                                • Rainmon Pogi
                                                  Rainmon Pogi  2 недель назад

                                                  I think some shitty day scary guys theres monster here?😕

                                                  • Miguel H Colón V argas
                                                    Miguel H Colón V argas  2 недель назад

                                                    the videos wud give you more friends not less

                                                    • juststained
                                                      juststained  2 недель назад

                                                      Since these video's are always high quality I am guessing here that the dislikes he gets are people who think these movies are good and are butthurt when he calls out how terrible some of them are lol? Its really the only explanation. Great stuff as always Foundflix!

                                                      • Horny Toads
                                                        Horny Toads  2 недель назад

                                                        wow that total reminds me of Jake Paul getting rapidly unfriended on facebook after he too foolishly uploaded a sickening video of some dead Jap who hung himself in suicide forest!!

                                                        • OnlyBlackGirl
                                                          OnlyBlackGirl  2 недель назад

                                                          What even is this movie?

                                                          • Snake
                                                            Snake  3 недель назад

                                                            Why didn't she just make a new profile and say the other one got hacked?

                                                          • I once killed A man with my shoe
                                                            I once killed A man with my shoe  3 недель назад

                                                            You’re expecting me to believe that Laura can run faster than Kobe after being STABBED IN THE STOMACH?!

                                                            • Rodney Turkson
                                                              Rodney Turkson  3 недель назад

                                                              You weren’t kidding this makes unfriended look like a masterpiece

                                                              • Nicole Toliver
                                                                Nicole Toliver  3 недель назад

                                                                Did anybody else see when the eyes piped up in that thing popped up

                                                                • Shriya Narreddy
                                                                  Shriya Narreddy  3 недель назад

                                                                  Can you tell he doesn’t like it 😂

                                                                  • Andrew Garcia
                                                                    Andrew Garcia  3 недель назад

                                                                    I am interested in the babaduck

                                                                    • Lou Carter
                                                                      Lou Carter  3 недель назад

                                                                      Us Wiccans/Pagans get a bad rep because of movies like this lmao

                                                                      • Nonnos United
                                                                        Nonnos United  3 недель назад

                                                                        “Once you get to load more posts it’s a terrifying land of death and darkness” love how subtle he is😂😂😂😂

                                                                        • Zarcastic
                                                                          Zarcastic  3 недель назад

                                                                          The moral of the story is never trust an emo

                                                                          • Peggy Rucker
                                                                            Peggy Rucker  3 недель назад

                                                                            5:12 "I'm old greeeeeeegggggg"

                                                                            • Daddy Dagoth
                                                                              Daddy Dagoth  4 недель назад

                                                                              The real twist is that wasn't wicken symbols in the code just Ruby on rails

                                                                              • Ramsey Rivera
                                                                                Ramsey Rivera  4 недель назад

                                                                                the babadook

                                                                                • Charlie Ledesma
                                                                                  Charlie Ledesma  4 недель назад

                                                                                  That stare down at 7:14 was intense. I almost lost lol

                                                                                  • Zane Atkins
                                                                                    Zane Atkins  4 недель назад

                                                                                    Honesty I thought this movie sucked

                                                                                    • Simon Hylander
                                                                                      Simon Hylander  4 недель назад

                                                                                      While watching in class...
                                                                                      That emo kids just looked kinda weird at me.
                                                                                      I'm fucking dead

                                                                                      • pulkiteswar tiwari
                                                                                        pulkiteswar tiwari  4 недель назад

                                                                                        Computer witch 😂😂

                                                                                        • Angélica Pires
                                                                                          Angélica Pires  4 недель назад

                                                                                          LAURA is the victim

                                                                                          • ryan kriger
                                                                                            ryan kriger  4 недель назад

                                                                                            unknown error so scary hahaua

                                                                                            • J A
                                                                                              J A  4 недель назад

                                                                                              Literally fell asleep twice trying to watch this movie no not going to try for a third it's dumb

                                                                                              • Sana -
                                                                                                Sana -  4 недель назад

                                                                                                The VVitch