Daario=Euron: are Daario Naharis and Euron Greyjoy the same person?

  • Опубликовано: 11 марта 2015
  • In Game of Thrones / ASOIAF, is Daario Naharis actually Euron Greyjoy in disguise? How might this fit in to Euron's plans?

    This video contains spoilers for Books 1-5.

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    Thanks to María Mariño Costa for Spanish subtitles.

    2:34 Oldtown is located not on the Torentine in Dorne, but on the Honeywine in the Reach - the river to the north-west of where it appears on the map.

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  • Adrian Reinstein
    Adrian Reinstein  2 дней назад

    But don't the other mercenaries KNOW dario?

    • Mr Odin
      Mr Odin  1 недель назад

      didnt even watch this, but just came here to say that whatever it is, it is way better then what D & D made for the tv

      • Mr_No_One
        Mr_No_One  2 недель назад

        New theory.
        Everyone in Westeros except for Jon Snow is a faceless man.

        • Daniel Fake
          Daniel Fake  2 недель назад

          I don’t think its literal I think it’s figuratively. As a reflection between Cersei and Dany in order to make them more similar since they both work with similar people

          • Steven Guevara
            Steven Guevara  3 недель назад

            He's obviously a clone.

            • KikoTheLumberjack
              KikoTheLumberjack  2 месяцев назад

              Maybe a double, or some kind of astral projection via blood magic to be in two places at once? Just thinking out loud...

              • Niccolo Richter
                Niccolo Richter  2 месяцев назад

                Forsaken chapter kill this theory

                • Evilanious
                  Evilanious  2 месяцев назад

                  I think Cercei Lannister is secretly Samwell Tarly.

                  • Kailen McAuley
                    Kailen McAuley  3 месяцев назад

                    The dusky woman is really Tywin Lannister

                    • King Brown
                      King Brown  3 месяцев назад

                      6:35 "either the writiers of the show are fucking with us"


                      • Benjamin MacWolfe
                        Benjamin MacWolfe  3 месяцев назад

                        No that is Brandon Stark

                        • R Pigeon FabNayNay
                          R Pigeon FabNayNay  3 месяцев назад

                          NOPE! NOT EVEN!

                          • BlackGamingDK
                            BlackGamingDK  4 месяцев назад

                            No, Daario is Daario and Euron are Euron

                            • Activision & EA, Twin Pairs of Destruction
                              Activision & EA, Twin Pairs of Destruction  4 месяцев назад

                              Dumb and Dumber were given notes on major events in the series. They just drove the show into the ground

                              With that in mind, the whole “Dany losing a dragon” may happen differently.
                              Instead of being killed by the Night King and ressurreted, Viseryon will be taken over by the Horn.

                              • KTChamberlain
                                KTChamberlain  4 месяцев назад

                                Has anyone proposed the theory that the reason Caragorn died blowing the Dragon Binder Horn was because he blew it when there were no dragons in range?

                                • Jxe Austtt
                                  Jxe Austtt  4 месяцев назад


                                  • Nikolay Tsankov
                                    Nikolay Tsankov  4 месяцев назад

                                    9 sons were born from the loins of Quellon Greyjoy and Euron was not the second oldest

                                    • Narmatonia
                                      Narmatonia  4 месяцев назад

                                      I mean the TV show just hand waves travel times in the later seasons so the distance between Meereen and the Iron Islands wouldn't have been a problem there :P

                                      • Emma Clarke
                                        Emma Clarke  5 месяцев назад

                                        I've seen all 8 seasons of the show and I'm currently reading book 2, A Clash of Kings. In the show Daario loves Dany while for her he's just there for sex. She even says to Tyrion that when she said goodbye to him, she felt nothing. In the books, according to this video and the quotes you used, she's head over heels in love with Daario. Why? She doesn't trust him, thinks he will betray her and believes that he doesn't even really love her. Why is book Dany so desperate?

                                        • Emma Clarke
                                          Emma Clarke  4 месяцев назад

                                          @chitownboyz True, true. Still, I just thought she'd be smarter. But then (I'm on the third book now) she seems so lonely. Less cold than her TV counterpart

                                        • chitownboyz
                                          chitownboyz  4 месяцев назад

                                          She a young girl in the book. Somewhere between 14-15 falling for older men.

                                      • Ben Harrison
                                        Ben Harrison  5 месяцев назад

                                        Well it didn't happen but was still interesting maybe in the books it can still happen

                                        • Christopher Whiteside
                                          Christopher Whiteside  5 месяцев назад

                                          Daario is Daario, Euron is Euron. Fuck off with this shit

                                          • Walter Clements
                                            Walter Clements  5 месяцев назад

                                            He's nigga
                                            But in a weird nigga way

                                            • floooooooooooooooood
                                              floooooooooooooooood  5 месяцев назад

                                              "They look similar aside from all the things that make them look really different." Seriously, handsome with a beard is the most generic description there is. And it's not like blue eyes are all that out there either.

                                              • Goran Orrskog
                                                Goran Orrskog  5 месяцев назад

                                                6:32 4 years later we for sure know the show runners are idiots who for sure dwelled in several forums to get info. Maybe they just crossed a post saying "WTF! 93 ships!" And they put it in the show. We all can bet our right balls that they never read the books before or during the show was made.

                                                • Jodeadible
                                                  Jodeadible  5 месяцев назад

                                                  Answer - No

                                                  Reason - Because Season 8 writing doesn't comprehend deep thought

                                                  • Michael Wermers
                                                    Michael Wermers  5 месяцев назад

                                                    I know this is an old theory and video but a plot twist like this would actually renew my interest in the series after that awful show finale. I think there's a lot to the "warging" phenomenon that is left to be explored. Maybe Euron is switching between the two bodies or influencing Daario in some way to do his bidding. I know it's a stretch but it sure beats how Euron and Daario were treated on the show.

                                                    • brett warren
                                                      brett warren  5 месяцев назад

                                                      Nah lol

                                                      • Madeline Sartori
                                                        Madeline Sartori  5 месяцев назад

                                                        Oh my goodness, this theory may actually be legit.

                                                        • X Y
                                                          X Y  6 месяцев назад

                                                          Nah this one is a stretch, it's not entirely impossible but I don't find it plausible.

                                                          • León Aubé Penitoc 14/88
                                                            León Aubé Penitoc 14/88  6 месяцев назад

                                                            You were expecting Daario... *BUT IT WAS ME! EURON!!*

                                                            • Farouk
                                                              Farouk  5 месяцев назад

                                                              is that a motherfucking Jojo reference?

                                                          • brodie ward
                                                            brodie ward  6 месяцев назад

                                                            I doubt it. Euron is probably not in the reach... but i dont see how he could be two people on opposite sides of the world.

                                                            • Scott Allison
                                                              Scott Allison  6 месяцев назад

                                                              Well... Turns out Daario wasn't in S8. D&D are the worst writers (along with the other writers) and stupid (they turned down a ten episode S8, and three extra seasons I heard).

                                                              • Trindade
                                                                Trindade  6 месяцев назад

                                                                go home, youre drunk

                                                                • EL
                                                                  EL  6 месяцев назад

                                                                  Could be just bad repetitive writing by the author....

                                                                • SSJGreg
                                                                  SSJGreg  6 месяцев назад

                                                                  New Theory! CERSEI IS ROBERT BARATHEON? Craziest fan theory yet!!

                                                                  • danielwga
                                                                    danielwga  6 месяцев назад

                                                                    well she kinda was in the last season think about it all she did in the last season was to drink wine

                                                                • Kiei Luahi
                                                                  Kiei Luahi  6 месяцев назад

                                                                  From the first few lines in this video Daario sounds like a character thats instrumental in the build-up to Dany's madness. However, the tv show never really depicted Daario as ''a monster''. Another thing the tv show did wrong.

                                                                  • Andy
                                                                    Andy  6 месяцев назад

                                                                    Considering in the show Daenarys just left Daario in Mereen and never cut back to him again, I fully believe this theory.

                                                                    • Jeb!
                                                                      Jeb!  6 месяцев назад

                                                                      Daario: fucks the queen.
                                                                      Euron: fucks the queen.

                                                                      Makes sense to me.

                                                                      • Γρηγόρης Αράπης
                                                                        Γρηγόρης Αράπης  6 месяцев назад

                                                                        perhaps Daario just wants Dany for the same reason Euron Does. MFKING DRAGONS!

                                                                        • DJ_Birch
                                                                          DJ_Birch  6 месяцев назад

                                                                          With the theory that Euron and the Faceless Men working together, maybe Euron paid the Faceless Men for Balon’s murder and for someone to infiltrate Dany’s inner circle and report back to him? With dragon eggs being priceless, you would get more than one murder surely?

                                                                          • KTChamberlain
                                                                            KTChamberlain  6 месяцев назад

                                                                            Tim Curry from 1996 would have been the best actor to portray Euron Greyjoy, both in terms of voice and physical appearance. Give him an eye patch, blue his lips, and put him in the appropriate costume and you'd have Euron to a tee. Too bad age has not been good to Tim Curry, coupled with him having suffered a stroke in 2012.

                                                                            • Pedro Pinho
                                                                              Pedro Pinho  6 месяцев назад

                                                                              Maybe Euron went around the world, like west of Westeros, and maybe there's a faster way there, idk

                                                                              • Patrick Riche
                                                                                Patrick Riche  6 месяцев назад

                                                                                i clicked on this and it seems so crazry i havent watched yet so lets see if i beleive it by the end

                                                                                • James Dooling
                                                                                  James Dooling  6 месяцев назад

                                                                                  Daario saw the series finale. He's on his way to kill Bran, Jon, and D&D.

                                                                                  • MavTuber
                                                                                    MavTuber  6 месяцев назад

                                                                                    "SEVEN HELLS! THIS STORY IS FUCKING GREAT!" - in my best King Robert impression

                                                                                    • Fuzzy Dunlop
                                                                                      Fuzzy Dunlop  6 месяцев назад

                                                                                      "This is not a coincidence, right? Either the writers of the show are fucking with us..." - Welcome to the harshness of 2019. They can't even think of original numbers. This is known.

                                                                                      • PhantomSavage
                                                                                        PhantomSavage  6 месяцев назад

                                                                                        Almost all the problems in this theory are solved if Euron is working with the faceless men. Euron has admitted he is responsible for the death of Balon but not by his own hand, and the man described throwing Balon from the bridge is a "man with no face". Euron also once said he threw a dragon egg into the sea, but if Euron is seriously interested in using dragons to takeover Westeros or even moderately values powerful, magical objects, he would never do such a thing and is most likely lying to cover up the fact he used the egg to pay off the faceless men for Balon's assassination.

                                                                                        If Euron is intent on stealing Dany's dragons, he doesn't need the egg that he uses to pay the faceless men with to complete his plans, which might be why he would offer it so willingly. In turn, the Faceless men are ancestral survivors of the "Doom of Valyria" and are even implied to be the cause of it, and seem to have their own plot that may involve going against Dany and her dragons by possibly enacting the same kind of magic or ritual used to destroy Valyria in the first place when the faceless men originally revolted against the Targaryens.

                                                                                        In the upcoming book, its now confirmed Euron uses and experiments with blood magic, as he's seen preparing for a great sacrifice to summon some great terror to Westeros, so its very, very likely he uses blood magic to increase his sailing abilities to extraordinary, supernatural levels, making his quick voyage between the two places possible.

                                                                                        If Euron and the Faceless men are both working together, its enitrely possible Faceless men are filling in for Euron both as himself and as darius between the gaps of his absence in either place. While Euron goes off to try and seduce Dany in mereen, a Faceless man may be wearing Euron's face back home as he organizes or possibly participates in raids on the reach. It might even be possible that the blood ritual Euron is seen preparing for in the upcoming book is directly connected to the Faceless men's plot, whom I remind you, are worshipers of death.

                                                                                        • Melo Death
                                                                                          Melo Death  6 месяцев назад