French Montana - Unforgettable ft. Swae Lee (Official Music Video)

  • Опубликовано: 14 апреля 2017
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  • FrenchMontanaVEVO
    FrenchMontanaVEVO   2 лет назад

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    • ahmed al hussein
      ahmed al hussein  2 недель назад

      @Muslim United سورياااااااا 😍😍😍
      بس لاجئين بلبنان 😐

    • Ibrahim I
      Ibrahim I  1 месяцев назад

      I love you live in Morocco you very nice

    • Ahmad Ahmad
      Ahmad Ahmad  2 месяцев назад

      اغنية جميلة بتوفيق

    • angel grace
      angel grace  2 месяцев назад

      FrenchMontanaVEVO kk

    • ميمو كشخه
      ميمو كشخه  2 месяцев назад


  • Vitória Nascimento
    Vitória Nascimento  2 часов назад

    1B ❤❤❤❤❤

    • Destiny Choi
      Destiny Choi  2 часов назад

      Swae was the unforgettable one lol forget French.

      • WWG1WGA Q
        WWG1WGA Q  3 часов назад

        Really... this guy likes to watch a bunch of little kids shaking their asses like they're of age? Okay

        • i shouldnt put my name here
          i shouldnt put my name here  3 часов назад

          Just stumbled upon this. Dont ask me where ive been

          • Ali Alilou
            Ali Alilou  4 часов назад

            جامي فحياتي قاستني غنية بحال هاذي عندي عام وأنا نسمعها وأنا جزائري مخرببق

            • Mr Secondsoul
              Mr Secondsoul  4 часов назад

              Coming Soon........ 1 Billion Views!!

              • narcassistic necessity
                narcassistic necessity  5 часов назад

                Those kids r now famous! They had nothing !

                • Antonio Garcia
                  Antonio Garcia  6 часов назад

                  Love this

                  • DAMIAN LARKIN
                    DAMIAN LARKIN  6 часов назад

                    This Video & Song Do Great Things For Your Spirit 🙌🏾🏆

                    • Bilano Mohamed
                      Bilano Mohamed  7 часов назад

                      Coke boys

                      • Diario da Julia almeida
                        Diario da Julia almeida  8 часов назад

                        Caramba até os africanos dança melhor do que eu se eu fosse rica eu dava meu dinheiro pra eles

                        • MindControlOverAll TheYoutubeHaters
                          MindControlOverAll TheYoutubeHaters  8 часов назад

                          #SwaeLee bought me here 🗣#SwaeLee I luv u and ur #unforgettable dance moves in this video 🕺🏽😍😘

                          • Ytan Martín
                            Ytan Martín  10 часов назад

                            Que país esse clipe foi gravado?

                            • mustapha mustapha
                              mustapha mustapha  10 часов назад

                              Montana morocco

                              • Gully Rapper
                                Gully Rapper  12 часов назад

                                Who listen this song in 2019 ???
                                Comment below..

                                • Skintone Chicken Bone
                                  Skintone Chicken Bone  12 часов назад

                                  we so close to 10 trillion views wow

                                  • Jade Walker
                                    Jade Walker  13 часов назад


                                    • Elin YT
                                      Elin YT  13 часов назад

                                      I Always cry to this song.. dont know why

                                      • il dominicano
                                        il dominicano  14 часов назад

                                        Go to vues 🔥🔥

                                        • EduardoOMG10 YT
                                          EduardoOMG10 YT  15 часов назад


                                          • Alecsdt XXX
                                            Alecsdt XXX  16 часов назад

                                            *This music is UNFORGETTABLE*

                                            • Meer Wajid
                                              Meer Wajid  17 часов назад

                                              Swae lee is my best

                                              • pankaj kumar
                                                pankaj kumar  18 часов назад

                                                You are unforgeable 💙💚💛💜

                                                • Fado Iseni
                                                  Fado Iseni  19 часов назад

                                                  Yes 😎

                                                  • Sachin Jain
                                                    Sachin Jain  20 часов назад

                                                    ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║0 0║

                                                    • Shane Thomas
                                                      Shane Thomas  21 часов назад

                                                      Party song right now!!!!

                                                      • Asian Fitness
                                                        Asian Fitness  21 часов назад

                                                        wow hehe

                                                        • Dorein Paul Emmanuel
                                                          Dorein Paul Emmanuel  22 часов назад

                                                          Amazing video.

                                                          • Unconventional Derp
                                                            Unconventional Derp  23 часов назад

                                                            1:28 wtf is that.

                                                            • ahgoon69er
                                                              ahgoon69er  1 дней назад

                                                              bruh where do i go to learn these dance moves?

                                                              • Stallion_30 Rose
                                                                Stallion_30 Rose  1 дней назад

                                                                nobody can equal me ❤️

                                                                • nana kyei
                                                                  nana kyei  1 дней назад

                                                                  Almost 1 billion views dammmm😯😯

                                                                  • you thot
                                                                    you thot  1 дней назад

                                                                    It’s been 2 years!?

                                                                    • Dantine Minecraft
                                                                      Dantine Minecraft  1 дней назад

                                                                      Dah song yah tuffffffff!!!!!!!!

                                                                      • Yukim a
                                                                        Yukim a  1 дней назад

                                                                        2019 august liked

                                                                        • Ninja
                                                                          Ninja  1 дней назад

                                                                          70% No naked women, no cars and drugs
                                                                          29% Anyone watching in 2019
                                                                          1% Actual comments

                                                                          • Rippy the Razer
                                                                            Rippy the Razer  5 часов назад

                                                                            This is just a good ass video hands down.

                                                                        • Wouldyouglowme
                                                                          Wouldyouglowme  1 дней назад

                                                                          2 years ago
                                                                          Anyone else gets emotional when they realize how time is getting faster and faster

                                                                          • Iván Tinoco Alfonso
                                                                            Iván Tinoco Alfonso  1 дней назад


                                                                            • Gabby Middleton
                                                                              Gabby Middleton  1 дней назад

                                                                              I wonder if Africans dancers and black college sorority dancers got together and battled who would win 😩 that’ll be so good to watch

                                                                              • Youssef elmsakni
                                                                                Youssef elmsakni  1 дней назад

                                                                                Best music from man of my country morocco french montana ever 👏🏽🔥👌🏽

                                                                                • NyxEz
                                                                                  NyxEz  1 дней назад

                                                                                  I'm fed up of people saying that some random singer inspired them to start making music once again and they will work with them and tell everyone to mark their words..

                                                                                  • Maher Jamal
                                                                                    Maher Jamal  1 дней назад

                                                                                    Did you know this is the 3rd largest rap song on earth, the first 2 is by drake, share this song and get it to number 1

                                                                                    • Maher Jamal
                                                                                      Maher Jamal  1 дней назад

                                                                                      Sway lee carried tf out of this song

                                                                                      • BELM Binta
                                                                                        BELM Binta  1 дней назад

                                                                                        Que de souvenirs 😘💋💋💋💋

                                                                                        • BRIAN BC PRYOR
                                                                                          BRIAN BC PRYOR  1 дней назад


                                                                                          • Sydney Oberg
                                                                                            Sydney Oberg  1 дней назад


                                                                                            • Mauro López
                                                                                              Mauro López  2 дней назад