ELDERS REACT TO POST MALONE (Psycho, Rockstar, White Iverson)

  • Опубликовано: 11 мая 2018
  • Post Malone reacted to by Elders! Video links below!
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    Post Malone Reacted to by Elders! Original links below!

    Content Featured:
    Post Malone - Psycho ft. Ty Dolla $ign

    Post Malone - White Iverson

    Post Malone - Congratulations ft. Quavo

    Post Malone - rockstar ft. 21 Savage


    Elders Featured in this episode:

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    Elders React #148 - ELDERS REACT TO POST MALONE (Psycho, Rockstar, White Iverson)
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  • FBE
    FBE   1 лет назад

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    • Tay k-47
      Tay k-47  1 лет назад

      FBE pls do Tyler the creator

    • Mackenzie Gladden
      Mackenzie Gladden  1 лет назад

      "Big rings, shampane, I like those things too, and confetti" -my idol

    • Sirena Hart
      Sirena Hart  1 лет назад

      Please do Teens or Kids REACT to Miraculous Ladybug or Akidearest Or Another Try Not to Sing but with anime openings(include Inuyasha please)

    • CQ 1205
      CQ 1205  1 лет назад

      FBE ii

    • John DoeBoy
      John DoeBoy  1 лет назад

      FBE elders react to beerbongs and Bentley’s

  • Chise Hatori
    Chise Hatori  1 лет назад

    "Got enough tattoos?", oh you!

    • Josh S
      Josh S  1 лет назад

      Post with the dreamy grooves

      • الله وما شابه
        الله وما شابه  1 лет назад

        4:13 i like this one.

        • ttes cs
          ttes cs  1 лет назад

          React to lil peep

          • H3avy
            H3avy  1 лет назад


            • Sundar Rajan
              Sundar Rajan  1 лет назад

              I like post Malone songs but most of the time I won't understand the lyrics

              • LR210
                LR210  1 лет назад

                0:48 this lady is on to something. also I love how open they are to his music its beautiful to see

                • AeipathyOfApril
                  AeipathyOfApril  1 лет назад

                  Josie is adorable omg

                  • lemøn lime
                    lemøn lime  1 лет назад

                    AeipathyOfApril ikr 😂

                • Joseph Johnson
                  Joseph Johnson  1 лет назад

                  "What a dreamy voice"

                  • lukiskok1
                    lukiskok1  1 лет назад

                    Elders react to 6ix9ine

                    • Jordan
                      Jordan  1 лет назад

                      REACT TO LIL PEEP

                    • Jesus Vas
                      Jesus Vas  1 лет назад


                      • Jaciel Alvarez
                        Jaciel Alvarez  1 лет назад

                        Elders react to machine gun kelly

                        • Javier Delgado
                          Javier Delgado  1 лет назад


                          • XV
                            XV  1 лет назад

                            lil peep better off, white tee

                            • Daniel Ortega
                              Daniel Ortega  1 лет назад

                              Elders react to Phora 💙

                              • XZIBIT KILLZZ
                                XZIBIT KILLZZ  1 лет назад

                                Elders react to 6ix9ine

                                • Sebastian Selwanes
                                  Sebastian Selwanes  1 лет назад

                                  Elders react to higher brothers

                                  • Meaty Burrito
                                    Meaty Burrito  1 лет назад

                                    Psycho is my fav song now

                                    • Mr. エllυѕιonzz
                                      Mr. エllυѕιonzz  1 лет назад

                                      "Big Rings, Champagne i Like those things too" We Need More Elders Just like glorie😂😂

                                      • Slighthunder45
                                        Slighthunder45  1 лет назад

                                        Omfg when it got to the first add when he lights a cigarette in Congratulations the anti-smoking add came up and I died😂

                                        • Logan Webb
                                          Logan Webb  1 лет назад

                                          It isn’t post apocalyptic it’s Post Malone.

                                          • wow what a moment
                                            wow what a moment  1 лет назад

                                            Please do lil peep

                                            • Tyler Montgomery
                                              Tyler Montgomery  1 лет назад

                                              Post Malone is awesome I also love his music

                                              • Thanea Bobis
                                                Thanea Bobis  1 лет назад

                                                please react to bazzi!!!!!!!

                                                • Lana Miaa
                                                  Lana Miaa  1 лет назад

                                                  react to lil peep pls

                                                  • Kasu kasu
                                                    Kasu kasu  1 лет назад

                                                    00:48 I kept thinking she was gonna say "Post Malone"

                                                    • Kasu kasu
                                                      Kasu kasu  1 лет назад

                                                      Josie so cute 😂😂😭

                                                      • Nicholas Riley
                                                        Nicholas Riley  1 лет назад

                                                        Elders React to Lil Peep

                                                        • Henrique Silva
                                                          Henrique Silva  1 лет назад

                                                          How you wouldn't do IMAGINE DRAGONS yet?!! Pleaaaase... UP IT!

                                                          • Bonsairipper
                                                            Bonsairipper  1 лет назад

                                                            Post apocalyptic post modern post malone?

                                                            • ramadhan bin usman
                                                              ramadhan bin usman  1 лет назад

                                                              Shiloh pls

                                                              • Dae Rodriguez
                                                                Dae Rodriguez  1 лет назад

                                                                Lil Peep..it’d be interesting to hear their perspectives

                                                                • San Pav
                                                                  San Pav  1 лет назад

                                                                  „Or they hear a kis yodeling at a department store“ 😂😂😂😂 im done

                                                                  • boop
                                                                    boop  1 лет назад

                                                                    0:48 no it’s Post Malone

                                                                    • abbie.
                                                                      abbie.  1 лет назад

                                                                      *well that’s a little graphic*

                                                                      • Ryan 6290
                                                                        Ryan 6290  1 лет назад

                                                                        I thought postie was in his 40’s 😂😂

                                                                        • Xavier Daniswara
                                                                          Xavier Daniswara  1 лет назад

                                                                          Elders react to Rich Brian pleasee

                                                                        • taryn Alexis
                                                                          taryn Alexis  1 лет назад

                                                                          lolllll the old lady with the red and blue shirt was just like kris Jenner

                                                                          • Antonia Prince
                                                                            Antonia Prince  1 лет назад

                                                                            Glorie 😂😂

                                                                            • adam fox
                                                                              adam fox  1 лет назад

                                                                              And lots of confetti!

                                                                              • Matt Beals
                                                                                Matt Beals  1 лет назад

                                                                                Or you hear a kid yodeling at a department store...grandpa?

                                                                                • Mario Campbell
                                                                                  Mario Campbell  1 лет назад


                                                                                  • Anya
                                                                                    Anya  1 лет назад

                                                                                    I love how the elders are so positive and open to everything!!

                                                                                    • Quinty V
                                                                                      Quinty V  1 лет назад

                                                                                      0:50 "post modern" so close

                                                                                      • Rachel Riley
                                                                                        Rachel Riley  1 лет назад


                                                                                        • demboii
                                                                                          demboii  1 лет назад

                                                                                          0:48 nope its post malone