Goodbye Social Media.

  • Опубликовано: 13 марта 2019
    Fletcher Beadon -

    How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain --

    The NBA's happiness crisis --

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  • Medic Incoming
    Medic Incoming  17 минут назад

    Hey Casey, I know this is a long shot and you won't ever read this but it's worth it if you get to read it. Can you guys make a 365 skateboard deck for company merchandise?

    • Robin Harvey
      Robin Harvey  28 минут назад

      Casey I feel like we need to work on our connection. You’ve been so distant and distracted. Is it something I said? Loved our daily chats via the Vlog, now its just memories and hoping that you’ll reappear 😊😊😊

      • pingui089
        pingui089  1 часов назад

        YouTube is my kryptonite

        • Roger Rees
          Roger Rees  1 часов назад

          I’d watch your shit if you weren’t such a fucking bellend

          • Vinny King
            Vinny King  2 часов назад

            I thought it was a cat lady or a homeless in the first shot of this video. Jesus she looks like a wreck.

            • Jet Collector of Raleigh-Durham
              Jet Collector of Raleigh-Durham  2 часов назад

              Would doing this possibly make you more addicted to your laptop now that you have taken them off both phones?

              • enderrider7
                enderrider7  3 часов назад

                I'm Romanian, and there's a Romanian YouTube who did this exact same thing, approximately at the same time

                • Sulaiman Al Samet
                  Sulaiman Al Samet  3 часов назад

                  8:30 - he says 8:30 and a person runs past him in the background lmao

                  • Mrrainp
                    Mrrainp  4 часов назад

                    Well said

                    • 紫雨老师谈吸引力法则
                      紫雨老师谈吸引力法则  4 часов назад

                      2019-3-24 首次阅览

                      • Estefano Espigares
                        Estefano Espigares  4 часов назад

                        someone please help me find this version of the song, the one at the beginning of the video!

                        • Harjas Singh
                          Harjas Singh  5 часов назад

                          I just realized.....Why am I wasting time on Casey's life?!

                          • Forhad Ullah
                            Forhad Ullah  6 часов назад

                            so now the main thing is, when is the new vlog coming? 🙄

                            • Robert L
                              Robert L  6 часов назад

                              We are doing it for dopamine

                              • STG Filmmakers
                                STG Filmmakers  6 часов назад

                                You guys are ALL idiots. You guys all realize YouTube is considered social media right. So you are all complaining about social media platforms destroying your lives while commenting on a social media platform.

                                • maimunah muhammad
                                  maimunah muhammad  6 часов назад

                                  Oh my god. The scene with your kid showing you her plant is growing is just too adorable!

                                  • Timothy TLFTC
                                    Timothy TLFTC  7 часов назад

                                    Good for you bro, I did this 5 years ago, and only go to post. The scrolling is a brain hack, causing us to chase dopamine Highs. Check out my VLOG! :)

                                    • Spirit Mechanic
                                      Spirit Mechanic  8 часов назад

                                      So we have to watch social media to understand why we need to stop being addicted to social media...

                                      • MLWATKK
                                        MLWATKK  8 часов назад

                                        When you mention the birth of your daughter as a reason to force you stop stop, look and listen, that is the problem.
                                        Taking the time to look and listen should be natural and organic. Hopefully, this hiatus will shed light on that need or yearning inside you.

                                        • Kyle Brown
                                          Kyle Brown  9 часов назад

                                          Maybe I should uninstall my "social media" folder and only check them when I'm at my PC.

                                          • Perry Robitionate
                                            Perry Robitionate  9 часов назад

                                            Here's my 2¢'s worth: When social media began taking off...maybe even before that, in the 90s...'they' said that the Internet/the Web was going to bring people together. Basically, make for a better world. And now, decades later? Are families happier? Are relationships better? Are marriages lasting longer? Is the world...on balance...a kinder place in which to live? No, no, no...and no. Which, I'll be honest, is a fucquing shame. But it is what it is, and at the very least, parents need to ween their children off the shite.

                                            • Sloan Scroggin
                                              Sloan Scroggin  9 часов назад

                                              casey what settings do you put your camera on? Curious being a filmmaker myself

                                              • CALICOTV301
                                                CALICOTV301  9 часов назад

                                                95% of the people now can't make it through those things without social media.

                                                I think the attention span of people today is horrible.

                                                Social media followers aren't your friends people. Get a real life and do real things. Put the phone down.

                                                I see people almost about to get hit by cars thumbing through social media. Are you guys robots or something?

                                                What did you do before sm I wonder smh

                                                • Purveyor of Awesome
                                                  Purveyor of Awesome  9 часов назад

                                                  With Health apps helping us out a number to the amount of time we’re spending in our devices, I’m hoping it will help us start to self-regulate how we’re allowing technology in to our lives. We need to be better, but at the same time technology, and social apps, give us a new way to communicate. It’s a balance we just haven’t found yet as a society.

                                                  • Jim Myers
                                                    Jim Myers  9 часов назад

                                                    Everyone craves attention and wants to be heard. So social media.

                                                    Youtube is part of that, so 11,000,000+ subs.

                                                    • jacob Gould
                                                      jacob Gould  10 часов назад

                                                      You need to get a foldable skateboard called linky but a bit pricy.........£1000

                                                      • zime
                                                        zime  10 часов назад

                                                        My life was so much easier when u uploaded everyday and I watched your videos every morning

                                                        • saputra kidjow
                                                          saputra kidjow  10 часов назад

                                                          "Bye, not so close"

                                                          • Iains Adventures
                                                            Iains Adventures  11 часов назад

                                                            Mine is facebook and youtube.
                                                            This is a wake up for me.
                                                            I'm taking facebook off my phone and Youtube too.
                                                            Here goes :-)
                                                            THANK YOU.. MIND DE-FRAGMENT .

                                                            • Texflix
                                                              Texflix  12 часов назад

                                                              I agree that less is better when it comes to social media. However, if you need to stay attached for business reasons it’s a little trickier to disengage.

                                                              • Ironclad
                                                                Ironclad  13 часов назад

                                                                Totally get your point , via social media .

                                                                • Abd Wahid
                                                                  Abd Wahid  13 часов назад

                                                                  now i sleep ealier

                                                                  • knowledge share
                                                                    knowledge share  15 часов назад

                                                                    GO GET HELP you fucking freak !

                                                                    • knowledge share
                                                                      knowledge share  15 часов назад

                                                                      Why is your wife driving an ICE ?

                                                                      • Master Chief
                                                                        Master Chief  17 часов назад

                                                                        Goodbye Youtube????

                                                                        • David Lee
                                                                          David Lee  21 часов назад

                                                                          try nokia basic phone try that feel for a day

                                                                          • erwin pabon
                                                                            erwin pabon  21 часов назад

                                                                            Any idea when your gonna do 7 marathons in 7 days??? @CaseyNeistat

                                                                            • Alex Martino
                                                                              Alex Martino  21 часов назад

                                                                              Thanks for the upload Casey. It encouraged me to finally do something about my usage. Deleted all the social media apps. Feels good.

                                                                              • 霜降りQuon
                                                                                霜降りQuon  22 часов назад

                                                                                If you really can't take your hands off the phone when going outside then you have a problem..My phone has no access to the internet outside just because I don't want to pay for service so it's never an issue

                                                                                • David G.
                                                                                  David G.  23 часов назад

                                                                                  IN REALITY SOCIAL MEDIA IS A BIG WASTE OF LIFE....

                                                                                  • max novak
                                                                                    max novak  23 часов назад

                                                                                    Casey thank you so much you inspired me to make more and more movies on you tube thank you

                                                                                    • Paul Dintino
                                                                                      Paul Dintino  23 часов назад

                                                                                      Casey, please consider continuing Mail Time in some form. It's one of my favorite things you do. Good work as always. 👍😁

                                                                                      • t k
                                                                                        t k  23 часов назад

                                                                                        YouTube is not social it?🙄

                                                                                        • Aj Battle
                                                                                          Aj Battle  23 часов назад

                                                                                          I stopped using social media since september. My thing was that I had moved two years ago and I was feeling alot of guilt at not being in the lives of people that I used to know and their presence in my feed made me feel awful.

                                                                                          • ounaitu
                                                                                            ounaitu  23 часов назад


                                                                                            • Gabriel Ellis
                                                                                              Gabriel Ellis  24 часов назад

                                                                                              Hi Casey, I would like to recommend a book to you. It is titled “Digitox ” [digital detox] by Mark Ellis, it is a book about our family’s experiences with detoxing one a week on a Sunday and the facts behind the negative and positives of social media in general. I think it would be very beneficial and interesting to you and you can get your copy on Amazon!

                                                                                              • Robert Herrera
                                                                                                Robert Herrera  1 дней назад

                                                                                                I'm so over watching Casey's videos... whenever he does put out a video, it's just to talk about deleting apps. UGH...
                                                                                                Look.. if he's over YouTube.. then just say it. Maybe he has nothing more to say.. at least not on a weekly basis.
                                                                                                The Vlog is dead. 368 is dead. and I'm guessing so is this channel pretty soon.
                                                                                                It was a good ride..

                                                                                                • ElgorinRein
                                                                                                  ElgorinRein  1 дней назад

                                                                                                  Social media, and notifications are designed to make you addicted to it.
                                                                                                  But of course anything in moderation.