Robert De Niro opens up about Trump feud and playing Mueller on 'SNL'

  • Опубликовано: 18 декабря 2018
  • In an interview with CNN's Hala Gorani, actor Robert De Niro opens up about his feud with President Donald Trump and his role as Special Counsel Robert Mueller on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

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  • Jay Trap
    Jay Trap  14 часов назад

    Rich guy talking about regular people. Fuck this guy. You have your views and I'll have mine. Don't push your beliefs on me. Your movies suck now anyway

    • Candy Rampado
      Candy Rampado  17 часов назад

      deniro, your a stand up guy...wish more were like you

      • Anthony Dickinson
        Anthony Dickinson  1 дней назад

        he gave really good detailed examples in this interview

        • Mikeyybands🔋
          Mikeyybands🔋  1 дней назад

          Fuck you DeNiro you’re only a quarter paisan anyway

          • Mark S
            Mark S  2 дней назад

            Washed up douchebag. Trump 20/20! Landslide victory!

            • okydokey4126
              okydokey4126  2 дней назад


              • Jay Tizzle
                Jay Tizzle  2 дней назад

                Lol hay the De Niro how's everything going with your soon-to-be-ex JA 😘

                • Yvonne Genochio
                  Yvonne Genochio  2 дней назад

                  The truth! It’s disgusting trump is a disgrace to most Americans and the news just seems to help him. He’s a narcissistic moron hurting America for what! his act. It’s over we will vote him out. It’s not funny it’s sad

                  • Jaime Silva
                    Jaime Silva  3 дней назад

                    Who would win
                    Robert De Niro
                    Or Al Pacino?

                    • suzi perret
                      suzi perret  3 дней назад

                      Go Robert!! You are a hero!

                      • suzi perret
                        suzi perret  3 дней назад

                        Open up about this, our Illegitimate President has gotten a billion times worse.

                        • terry hill
                          terry hill  3 дней назад

                          a blind man could see thou your lies,cant you people do anything good,your sicking i thanks your walls of fake bull is going to get you

                          • A B
                            A B  2 дней назад

                            being blind shouldnt have any effect on lie detection, are you stupid?

                        • John Siviter
                          John Siviter  4 дней назад

                          De-nero lived thru Vietnam, 911, Afghanistan war, but this is the worst time in history?, get a grip.

                          • Night Jazz
                            Night Jazz  4 дней назад

                            DeNiro kills it as Mueller! LOL!! FFL !! FAN FOR LIFE!!!!!

                            • super t
                              super t  4 дней назад

                              De Niro is just legend,

                              • Wendy Jones
                                Wendy Jones  3 дней назад

                                Yeah, in his own mind!

                            • Angels Angels
                              Angels Angels  4 дней назад

                              De Niro part of the pedophile ring! Epstein! Good luck with all that child pimping F--k De Niro!

                              • L Gene
                                L Gene  5 дней назад

                                Trump ripping contractors off and grabbing women’s pussys is not the same as hanging out with children on the Lolita express. Right

                                • L Gene
                                  L Gene  5 дней назад

                                  You know cause you hung with him

                                  • L Gene
                                    L Gene  5 дней назад

                                    I bet you have seen alot

                                    • L Gene
                                      L Gene  5 дней назад

                                      And Lolita express passenger!!!!!

                                      • Charl dK
                                        Charl dK  5 дней назад

                                        De Niro says he has never met Trump, but he knows the type of person he is? This is idiotic to say something like this. What has De Niro done for America over the years while he was making his pockets full of dollars? Oh yes, he was playing with his old buddy Harvey Weinstein and I am pretty sure he knew what type of person he was.........but said nothing. I won't be surprised if De Niro is a puppet, crawling for the highest bidder. I lost my respect for this old actor who showed the world his real colors. Very sad. What decent man would say on public media that he would like to take a swing at his president, he is a disgrace to the American people who placed Trump in that position, so Robert is very upset towards more than 50% of the people. I liked him......maybe it will be better if he stays with acting where he is told what to say. God bless America!

                                        • Wendy Jones
                                          Wendy Jones  3 дней назад

                                          Charl dK
                                          I absolutely agree with you! Who does he think he is? Oh I remember, he's a no mark, has been actor!

                                      • Joe Spags
                                        Joe Spags  6 дней назад

                                        I stopped watching all Dinero movies the day he threatened to punch Trump in the nose.
                                        He is guilty of something that he does not want the world to know about, perhaps flights on the lolita express, or worse.
                                        Hes an Actor , which means he is a professional liar, his job is to have you believe what ever comes out of his mouth.Hes an old man that would have you believe his opinions are important or relevant. Sorry Bobby , " YOURE NOT TALKING TO ME"
                                        Bobby you are not an expert on tough guys. Your an actor who has a bully's reputation.

                                        • phil mortlock
                                          phil mortlock  6 дней назад

                                          Deniro is small fry compared to Trump back in your fishbowl little fish.

                                          • Diego Mendez
                                            Diego Mendez  1 недель назад


                                            • Somali Abbi
                                              Somali Abbi  1 недель назад

                                              Robert Niro is God

                                            • Ron Wade
                                              Ron Wade  1 недель назад

                                              It is, sureal!

                                              • Cameron Cornick
                                                Cameron Cornick  1 недель назад

                                                De zero you will go down to the depths of hell and the maestro will watch you eat crow you pos. Why do you have so much hate? DT is our saviour. You have been to pedo Island haven't you? Be scared be very scared. 🖕

                                                • Brother Bryan
                                                  Brother Bryan  1 недель назад

                                                  What a shame. Only proves that it’s better to keep your mouth shut if you’re ignorant about a topic. One of our great actors, revealing himself as a total idiot. Totally abuse of privilege. Not sure how you can speaks with a foot in his mouth. What a shame

                                                  • Sam KO
                                                    Sam KO  1 недель назад

                                                    Sir de niro, please have some respect for the president Trump who are voted by at least half the population. Who bring Jobs, respect, food, salary back to many thousands of jobless USA citizens since he took over from Obama.

                                                    • Tim Sadinski
                                                      Tim Sadinski  1 недель назад

                                                      The world is a mess and Dinero it is way out of character for him to bust somebody out like that... I've never heard him say a bad word about anybody it's got to be Revelations... I'm just glad they're more of us than.... drum roll please...... phonies.. if there wasn't so much molestation in the Christian... all denominations of Christians I suppose you could win support however you're deniability of gay sex in which I'm not gay but most of you are and yet you call for abolishment no wonder religion has become rhetoric. There's a difference between believing in God and without any room for error what the hell is confession about I can't stand absolutes and my God can't either

                                                      • Jim Goodwin
                                                        Jim Goodwin  1 недель назад

                                                        What a shame. A once good actor now washed up, consumed with emotion because he knows his lifestyle is coming to an end because of our president. His disgraceful acts will be exposed while draining the swamp and that is making this weak man that PLAYS a tough guy shake uncontrollably. Pathetic. Hey Bob, have fun playing cards with Epstein.

                                                        • Frank Grizza
                                                          Frank Grizza  1 недель назад

                                                          Talented actor. Except for Saturday nights. He turns into guy that can’t remember handful of lines or even read a damn cue card

                                                          • Salma Kadiri
                                                            Salma Kadiri  2 недель назад

                                                            Trump will be president in 2020 like all his predecesors.All evil! Slaves to the corporations and all the vampires keeping the planet ressources for themselves and bringing war,deseases,pauverty,violence
                                                            homophobia and fear to the world.

                                                            • Salma Kadiri
                                                              Salma Kadiri  1 недель назад

                                                              @Hannah Montana You're right.It's just the way it is .It's all the same : all the leaders are tyrants,desguised wolves!Before their speeches were about humain rights,equality and socialism now it's about national pride ,wich means that it's the others who bring us violence,unemplyement and it's clearly about fear and hate.Power has his men and you don't get there for having any ethics or integrity.All the leaders,the past,the present and even the future ones are the same.As there are no promises left to give,they play the fear card.They're buying us fear...

                                                            • Hannah Montana
                                                              Hannah Montana  1 недель назад

                                                              Salma Kadiri maybe that’s the karma for killing billions of people in Middle East for fake reason, like war in Iraq, wasting trillions to be the police of the world, all the horrible things in the email, maybe if the email has nothing horrible in it, it won’t matter when Russia open it. maybe USA should apologize for all the bad things they done in the past, so god won’t publish us anymore. I hope 4 years is enough for karma nightmare.

                                                          • T GS
                                                            T GS  2 недель назад

                                                            He's a jerk, a crazy world and he's part of it. It's disgraceful how you act , it won't pass he's a great president he will be remembered not you. Barry the bathhouse dweller is the biggest mistake for America.I never realized how stupid he really is can't even complete a sentence. Boycott this movie.

                                                            • peter dziaman
                                                              peter dziaman  2 недель назад

                                                              he needs to see a doctor

                                                              • Karen Piotte
                                                                Karen Piotte  2 недель назад

                                                                What is wrong with this chick? She's kind of creepy and her questions sound like she doesn't know about trump. Zero emotions.

                                                                • Tudor Lungu
                                                                  Tudor Lungu  2 недель назад

                                                                  Robert di nero good to be among us leaving the screen yowillbe between us and them we Live insideour nightdreams trmbling daysand nights dot our lives?

                                                                  • Anthony Lloyd
                                                                    Anthony Lloyd  2 недель назад

                                                                    He calls Trump a wannabe gangster. That's really rich, coming from this fossil who thinks he's a gangster, as he's pretended he is one in films. Well Robert, the truth is going to come to light. Robert Deniro is friends with Jeffrey Epstein. He has been for years.

                                                                    • moreno3662
                                                                      moreno3662  2 недель назад

                                                                      I know u didnt leave when u said if trump won, but can u do a robin Williams when trump 2020!

                                                                      • Seb Hahn
                                                                        Seb Hahn  2 недель назад

                                                                        Unfortunately to many Americans are uneducated and plain stupid. There is no other reason I can think of to vote for Trump!

                                                                        • Seb Hahn
                                                                          Seb Hahn  2 недель назад

                                                                          He‘s not scared about this disgrace!!! However voted for Trump has an IQ lower than 5!!!

                                                                          • Brockton Ma.
                                                                            Brockton Ma.  2 недель назад

                                                                            These people never consider that millions of their countrymen disagree with them.

                                                                            • Brockton Ma.
                                                                              Brockton Ma.  2 недель назад

                                                                              The guy can’t complete a single intelligent sentence. Quick, somebody give him a script.

                                                                              • Phil Hammond
                                                                                Phil Hammond  1 недель назад

                                                                                I think your talking about your President the piece of shit trump.the orange guy can't get by 3 and 4 letter words.what a vocabulary for someone in office.he's a fucking retard thats insane.

                                                                            • Brockton Ma.
                                                                              Brockton Ma.  2 недель назад

                                                                              Hey Bob, shut it. Learn from Clooney. We aren’t interested in out of touch liberal Hollywood millionaires.

                                                                              • glenda harris
                                                                                glenda harris  2 недель назад

                                                                                July 6 2019, The real test is going to be on election day, is half the country nuts enough to vote this loon in again. If Trump is voted in poor Bobby might hang himself.

                                                                                • Jim Davis
                                                                                  Jim Davis  2 недель назад

                                                                                  Why do I want to slap that Be Ach.

                                                                                  • Guadalupe Diaz
                                                                                    Guadalupe Diaz  2 недель назад

                                                                                    I love u Robert.

                                                                                    • Jessica Ortega
                                                                                      Jessica Ortega  2 недель назад

                                                                                      Love me some De Niro❤